About Us

HQEW.net is the global leading B2B online trading platform for electronic components industry in China, aiming to offer E-commerce service to purchasers and suppliers worldwide from beginning to end.

Founded in 2002, HQEW.net is created by Shenzhen Huaqiang Industry Co., Ltd. (SZSE: Shenzhen Huaqiang), a holding company of Huaqiang Group, devoted to developing overseas markets.

We have established good partnerships with KEA and KES in Korea and CHIP1STOP in Japan etc. In 2011, selected as foreign trade public service platform by Chinese Government, HQEW.net has been in a high speed developing period and become the vital link between China and oversea electronic component trading.

Why Us

Owning the Asia's largest electronic components market-Huaqiang Electronic World
Founded in 1998 and located in Huaqiang North, Huaqiang Electronic World has 6000 verified suppliers and USD15 million daily sales. We have set up branches in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and Shantou etc. as well as in Hong Kong.

Over 6000 verified suppliers being worthy of trust
We have more than 500000 users and over 6000 verified suppliers audited strictly by us. With the Verified Supplier symbol, you can find reliable supplier timely and increase your buying confidence easily.

Quote within 24 hours
HQEW.net will not make you waiting. As long as you inquire through our platform, we will contact suppliers immediately and offer you different quotations within 24hrs.

Ensuring your security of trade with FREE Escrow
As a third-party online payment platform, Escrow allows you to pay securely online without exposing your credit card details. The operation is easy and safe. What's more, it's Free.

Services being improved gradually
For now, we have such above effective services (from searching to transaction) for your trade. In future, our service will be getting further improvement.

Key Fact
Established time2002
Number of Members500 thousand
Supply and demand
1 hundred million+
Transactions amount$15 billion(2011)
Page Views600 thousand+
Employees450 employees