Our Team

We believe that talents are the most valuable assets!

With 9 years experiences, influencing by the corporate culture of enjoy working, constantly studying. We have provided a professional foreign trade sales, marketing and product development team for the electronic components industry. The average age around 30 years old, a passionate and youthful team mixed up with international and domestic multicultural elite, which is provided contribution for the global electronic components distribution service with global visions and local practices.

Chairman: Mr. Chengyimu, a senior expert has been working for electronic industry over 20 years. For a long period, Mr. Cheng had engaged in making polices and regulations for responsible department of some large state-owned enterprises and foreign enterprises. Furthermore, he involved in setting Shenzhen electronic chamber and served as secretary for 5 years. Currently, Mr. Cheng is the vice president of Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings Limited,chairman of Shenzhen Huaqiang Market Price Index Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic Transaction Network Co., Ltd. His current social positions: Shenzhen CPPCC members, China Electronic Chamber of Commerce executive director, vice president of Shenzhen Electronic Chamber of Commerce, Shenzhen Futian District Huaqiang electronics market United party Secretary of Committee of Communist Party.
President: Mr. Zhengyi has been a technician for CD Department of Guangdong, Foshan Radio Number eight Factory from July, 1988 to December,1990. From January,1991 till September,1995 Mr. Zheng worked as a technician for the radio factory of SANYO Electric(Huaqiang) Co. Ltd. From March,1995 till Feberary,2010, Mr. Zheng was the deputy director of General Manager Office, deputy manager of R&D Department , minister of General Affairs Department in Shenzhen Sanyo Laser Electric(Huaqiang) Co., Ltd and Mr. Zheng also served as Deputy Manager of Investment Management Department at Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings Co. Ltd. From Februry,2010, Mr. Zheng was appointed as the general manager of Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronic Transaction Network Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Huaqing Market Price Index Co., Ltd.
Vice President: Mr. Songchuan (Jacky), was graduated from electronic technology major in 1995. Since 1998, he has been worked in the field of R&D internet programming, projects management , business model innovation , strategic business planning and so on. Mr. Song is considered as one of the first practitioners in the Internet industry in China and co-founder of HQEW.com . Mr. Song has been successively took the post of technical manager, marketing manager, e-commerce minister, assistant of general manager, deputy general manager of HQEW.com and the general manager of International Business Division. Mr. Song is committed to apply e-commerce to help electronic enterprises do their business well.
I.B.D Marketing Department Manager: Mr. He Dayao (Bruce), Graduated from University of Wolverhampton, master degree in International Business (MAIB). Bruce has 5+ years E-commerce practical experiences especially in marketing, strategic planning and operation management. As a senior marketing consultant, Mr. He is responsible for strategy planning, executive proposals many times for several world famous companies including China Mobile, China Telecom etc. Presently, Mr. He takes the post of marketing manager of International Business Division and liaison officer at HQEW.com & PartInChina.com. His job is mainly responsible for global marketing strategies planning, implementing and market expansion for the B2B and B2C platform of the company. He is repeatedly appointed as the company deputy to be a business negotiator with global strategic partners of hqew.com around the world. Moreover, Mr. He organizes and participates in many famous electronic exhibitions, including National Six Sigma Conference, Korea Electronic Shows, Electronica (Germany), China Electronics Fair and Asia Taipei Expo etc.