Fraud Case Studies



Receiving Low Value Products
Case Description:
I ordered 10 mobile phone samples costing about USD1370, including shipping cost.
The payment was made by Western Union. When my order arrived it contained two pairs of counterfeit Adidas shoes by EMS.
Case Analysis:
1) Always pay attention to the price your supplier quotes you. If the price is extremely low compared to the market price, generally 50% lower than the market price, then you should be extremely cautious. Check the company's background yourself: You can check their website, email address, phone, fax number, **** details, Western Union account and company registration certificate, etc. You can also contact your country's embassy in the supplier's country. They will provide further information on the supplier.
2) Western Union's payment service is an instant cash transfer service. It is fast and convenient and a great way to send money to people you know and trust. However, if you need to send money to someone you don' know well, you may be putting yourself at risk by using Western Union. When making your first order, it is always a good idea to use an escrow payment service, such as, to protect your payment. If you use an escrow service, check the contents of the parcel when it arrives. Do not let the courier leave until you have checked the parcel. If anything is missing, broken, or the product is poor quality, do not accept the delivery and return it to the courier.
3) Communicate with this supplier to confirm whether they have sent this order by mistake. Keep all evidence and, if necessary, bring a lawsuit against the company. You should also report it to the Alibaba service team so they can help you.
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