Knowing the "Low Price" Trap



Case description:
One buyer complained to our service team: "I have contacted a seller to buy ADIS16251ACCZ 1000PCS and the price offered by the supplier is 40USD/pcs. After paying 1000USD upfront, the supplier refused to send the goods unless I agreed to buy more products from him. He also threatened to raise his unit price."
Analysis of this case:
1. The normal price for ADIS16251ACCZ in the market is around 65USD. Compared to the market price, the offer price is unbelievably low. It is unreasonable and unrealistic to expect to receive this type of good at this price.
2. Be cautious. Some dishonest suppliers will offer extremely low prices to attract buyers looking for their first deal. After receiving payment, they will raise their price or demand buyers place a larger order. Whether it is a marketing ploy or a deliberate kind of fraud, it is not a good business experience for buyers.
3. Paying full payment upfront isn't a wise choice when doing business. Always try to find a secure payment method, such as an escrow service, which protects your payment until your items are received without any problem.
4. Be aware of the market price of the products you are looking for. You should reconsider the deal if the price offered is 30% lower than the current market price.