What's Delegated Purchasing?Buyer send the purchase requirement to Hqew.net, then Hqew.net help buyer to seek suppliers in local market and select the best supplier with reasonable price.Buyer and supplier can make a deal by Escrow if the price is Ok for both.
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  • Q:Will Hqew.net give us the best quotation after we sending purchase requirement?

    A:Yes.i do... Hqew.net will source matched suppliers once get your requirement and then select the best supplier with ressonable price for you.

  • Q:Are all the suppliers verified?

    A:Yes.i do ... All suppliers are rigorously selected by Hqew.net.Most of them are members of SCP.They are verified suppliers which established before year 2008.

  • Q:How to ensure the goods quality?

    A:Buyer and supplier will make a deal by Escrow, the payment only can be released to supplier after your side receiving the goods.Hqew.net can supply test report if needed.

  • Q:If we should pay extra charge for test report?

    A:Yes.We will charge basic cost only for the test.

  • Q:How much does it cost to use Authority Purchase?

    A:5% of order amount.

Customer's Feedback
  • Mark Parthe--United StatesPO:HQ3XR30****7MSA0504I did receive my parts.they fixed 3 units and fit perfect. Thanks for selling such a small quanity.
  • Ling SM--SingaporePO:HQ3ZSA7****8MG15Q6ES42As usual,good stuff,arrived with no problem.Gems in a jungle of difficult China suppliers.
  • Curtis Meade--U.S.A.PO:HQ3ZZDO****61SV230Great service,accurate,Will definitely purchase from again 5 star.
  • Kari SwedenPO:HQ2D7XF****7SGH80N60UFD BTB16-800BWRG UAA2Thank you!All arrived safely and in good time.