Why use Escrow?
For Buyers
It will secure your payment until you receive shipments.
It enhances your confidence in the products because HQEW.net Escrow won't release the payment to sellers until you inspect the goods and agree to do so.
For Suppliers
It protects you from fraud because Escrow collects the payment for you before the delivery of products.
It helps you to promote your trust for being guaranteed by trusted third party.
Why choose hqew.net Escrow?
How does Escrow work?
  • Register as a FREE member of Hqew.net and place order online.
  • Buyers pay to Hqew.net Escrow.
  • Sellers ship the products.
  • Buyers receive and inspect the shipments and then authorize HQEW.net Escrow to release the payment to sellers.
  • Hqew.net Escrow releases the payment to sellers.