DC to DC converter using ic NE555


This circuit is called DC TO DC converter circuit.Which increase the voltage circuit.There can be customized to change the output values.
When the power supply input to IC1 is the output pin 3 at a frequency of 1 kHz.The frequency is Q1 and Q2, which will continue to use push pool work interchangeably.If this is the positive output signal Q1 Q2 will run the delete function this reason, C2 and C3 capacitors are half-wave alternating.
When to use. Voltage from C2 to C3 is discharged out to the input voltage over almost two times less than 2 times due to the loss of diodes D1-D3.

Also, I highly recommend this circuit. It has a similar appearance.
Power supply positive-negative-ground from a single power supply

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