Huawei and Intel IT Giants Reaches Collaboration to Expand the Enterprise Market


Huawei recently announced that the company has achieved a strategic cooperation in the research and development of  IT products  and solutions with Intel to expand the enterprise market.

According to contents of the cooperation between Huawei and Intel, the two sides will firstly cooperate in research and development level, building competitive servers, storage, data center and cloud computing products and solutions, meanwhile carrying out market expanding and brand marketing activities. Intel, as Huawei's IT product and solutions strategy partner, will support Huawei's R & D, solutions structure and expanding channels in the field of products, technologies and solutions.

It is reported that in addition to intel, Huawei has reached partnership with more than 400 companies in internal IT field including SAP, Microsoft, Accenture. And it also passed the customized cloud computing solutions providing to customers through IT products.

In early 2011, Huawei adjusted its business structure, built Enterprise Business Group, formally established IT product line in October of the same year. In March 2012, Huawei completed the acquisition of Huawei Symantec to further complement Huawei's strength in the field of IT storage and security.

In accordance with Huawei's former expectation, the enterprise business revenue including cloud computing and ICT total solutions is expected to reach U.S. $ 15-20 billion in 2015. At present, the income scale of the enterprise business accounts for less in the the Huawei overall income, but the growth speed is rapid .


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