Top 10 IC Design Firms in Mainland China 2011


In 2011, except mobile phone, the electronic products like computer, TV and so on were sluggish so the global semiconductor industry was in downturn. However, there were still many firms which had excellent performance. All of their revenues exceed USD40 million.

1 Spreadtrum Communications, Inc.
2010 Revenue: USD300 million 2011 Revenue: USD670 million

Spreadtrum is a fabless semiconductor company that develops baseband and RF processor solutions for the wireless communications market. Spreadtrum combines its semiconductor  design expertise with software development capabilities to deliver highly integrated baseband processors with robust multimedia functionality and power management.
In Apr.2011, Spreadtrum released 40nm TD chip which was the key of the company's high-speed development and the market share of TD field was more than 55%.

2 RDA Microelectronics
2010 Revenue: USD200 million 2011 Revenue: USD300 million

RDA Microelectronics is a fabless semiconductor company that designs, develops and markets radio-frequency and mixed-signal semiconductors.
Although RDA hasn't announced the acquisition of Coolsand, the mobile phone division of Coolsand has become part of RDA. At the end of 2011, Coolsand shipped more than 3kk units each month, just went behind MTK, Spreadtrum and Mstar.

3 GalaxyCore Inc.
2010 Revenue: USD130 million 2011 Revenue: USD200 million

GalaxyCore is a leading semiconductor design company focusing on developing and marketing CMOS Image Sensor applications.
In 2011, GalaxyCore kept high-speed development and launched LCD driver which will be the source of growth in 2012.

4 HiSilicon Technologies Co., Ltd.
2010 Revenue: USD100 million 2011 Revenue: USD180 million

HiSilicon provides ASICs and solutions for communication network and digital media. These ASICs are widely used in over 100 countries and regions around the world. In the digital media field, Hisilicon has already released the SoC and solution for network surveillance, videophone, DVB and IPTV.

5 Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd.
2010 Revenue: USD60 million 2011 Revenue: USD80 million

Fuzhou Rockchip is a China leading fabless semiconductor company and mobile-internet SOC solution provider.
The company started providing Tablet PC application processor in 2H11 and then basically established the leading position in the area of Tablet PC application processor in mainland China.

6 Parade Technologies, Ltd.
2010 Revenue: USD53 million 2011 Revenue: USD76 million

Parade Technologies is a leading supplier of mixed-signal ICs for a variety of popular display and high-speed interface standards used in computers, consumer electronics  and display panels.  The fabless semiconductor company was founded in 2005 and publicly listed on Taiwan’s GreTai Securities Market (GTSM) in 2011.

7 Montage Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD.
2010 Revenue: USD35 million 2011 Revenue: USD70 million

Founded in May 2004, Montage Technology is a leading fabless semiconductor company which engages in IC design, application development and product marketing & sales in the areas of digital enterprise and digital home.
The company's biggest breakthrough is the abrupt rising of DDR3 which shipments exceed 1 million.

8 GigaDevice semiconductor Inc.
2010 Revenue: USD25 million 2011 Revenue: USD65 million

GigaDevice is the leading provider of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) devices, is the first fabless company engaged in advanced memory and related chip design in Mainland China established in 2005. GigaDevice provides a wide range of high speed and low power NOR Flash memory products.
In 2011, the SPI Flash met the demand of low-terminal function phone and the shipments exceeded more than half of the company's total shipments. The application of the flash products almost covers all of the electronic products.

9 On-Bright Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
2010 Revenue: USD40 million 2011 Revenue: USD55 million

On-Bright Electronics is a public company specialized in high performance analog and mixed-signal IC Design, development and marketing.
Unlike other IC Design firms' high-speed development, the company keeps growth of 30% these years. However, the gross profit is higher than any other firms in the industry.

2010 Revenue: USD30 million 2011 Revenue: USD40 million

Founded in 2008, Awinic Technology specializes in the design of various analog and mixed-digifax which are mainly used to the portable devices like mobile phone. The company develops rapidly and the shipments exceeded 500 million units in 2011.

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