E-commerce vs. Traditional Business


By the development of the Internet, the number of Internet users are fast-growing, e-commerce has came a trend. B2B, B2C, C2C three types of market are expanding, many traditional and medium-sized enterprises have entered the room of e-commerce, small and middle size enterprises are following up as well. Have to mention that some companies are active, while others are passive. There are more and more people joining e-commerce. E-commerce services are including in providing e-commerce, marketing, traffic conversion, payment services, logistics services and after-sales service in the entire e-commerce activities.

The common view from most of traditionalelectronic componentscompanies is: E-commerce is useless. This is not due to they are foolish, but they are frustrated. There are a lot of companies gain lots of profits through electronic commerce, some did not. With the development of electronic commerce, electronic commerce has become increasingly complicate.

The prospects of e-commerce services will be much better than before business models that only use platform to exchanges. Its advantage is closer to the traditional business, open up the missing link in the chain of e-commerce industry. E-commerce trading platform is getting bigger and bigger, which means that connecting these two e-commerce services industry: a station, technical maintenance, logistics, business promotion, customer service, sale, and other e-business processes about to usher in a full set integration services.

Due to lack of mature model, most of the current e-business consulting focused on market size, user behavior and habits, competitors, and the aspects of network marketing. According to dates from a well-known research agent, enterprises engaged in electronic commerce need to keep looking for outsourcing service providers will mainly be related to IT technology systems, marketing services, market research services, business application services and other aspects.  

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