Samsung Says LG Steals Its OLED Technology
Author:Cassidy| | 2012-9-6

Samsung's Samsung  Mobile Display  has submitted a paper to the Seoul Central District Court saying that LG Display has stolen 18 OLED display confidential technologies from Samsung, as well as 21 related details.

The sources said, due to the reveal to third parties or Samsung technology LG Display has already applied, Samsung asked LG Display to make a compensation of 10 billion won (about $ 880,000) in respect of each technology. Earlier this year, 11 former employees or employees of Samsung Mobile Display were arrested and charged for the theft of the company's 55-inch AMOLED TV technology and leakage to the LG.

Samsung spokesman said: "By means of enticing our researchers to quit, LG Display has been trying to get our  OLED technology and trade secrets." It was said that Samsung has invested more than 1 trillion won in the display technology in the past 10 years, the company claimed to hold nearly 99% market share of the global OLED.

LG said earlier this year, they didn't need Samsung's technology, because the company used a completely different display system.

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