Garmin Forerunner 245 running watch evaluation For most runners, it fully meets your needs

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First, preface

More recent tests, except for a few 200 yuan E-card cross-evaluation Public test, this Garmin Forerunner 245 is also a recent test, how to say, in the worthy of writing an article to apply for public testing for two years, is considered to be the most expensive one, on the one hand, there are more original articles in sports. I also ran two and a half horses this year. I still have a certain understanding of sports watches, and I also use iWatch 3 generations. On the other hand, the factor may be lucky. I selected 6 of the more than 8,000 applicants. Users who participate in this public beta really need a lot of luck.

Garmin Forerunner245 Running Watch Review For most runners, it fully meets your needs

Before I also tested an Aiwei energy sports watch P1 and Garmin vívofit jr Children's health education watch, I have also used a variety of sports bracelets and watches such as 咕咚 bracelet and millet. Personally, I am very interested in sports watches, so I saw Jia Ming watches. When I was testing, I applied at the first sight. About Jiaming, I actually knew it when I was riding a bicycle very long ago. At that time, I saw that a rider’s wrist was wearing a powerful and powerful Jiaming hand. I did not expect this wish to be implemented by Aunt Zhang. 

There is still a lot of room for improvement - Aiwei energy sports watch P1 public test one, preface two, open box appearance three, use feeling four, overall evaluation ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The beautiful dividing line ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14 years ago and later andandy1017| Like 2 Comments 0 Favorites 2View details

Interesting, functional needs to be improved-Garmin vívofit jr Child Health Education Watch [Write In the first place, first of all, I would like to continue to thank Zhang Aunt, let me have the opportunity to experience Jiaming this excellent educational bracelet, this is the fourth time in 2017. In this process, on the one hand can experience excellent Product, this model is also a brand new experience, on the other hand, you can learn some new knowledge. Thank you again. [About Jiaming] First of all, everyone must know that Garmin is an American brand, mainly in andy1017. | Like 3 Comments 2 Favorites 3View details

Received the courier is still very familiar with the "depreciated value" yellow tape, the box Very big, but it doesn't feel heavy. When I opened the box, I found that the protection of the product was quite good. Inside, a whole piece of foam wraps the box, which can provide better products for long-distance transportation. Ground protection.


First enter the exciting out of the box, get the first meal when you get the courier, go home and open the box, this time out of the box Nikon D90+ Nikon 50MM, 1.8D lens, green background paper and Panasonic table lamp as fill light, the later use of light and shadow magic hand for a simple exposure adjustment, overall this out of the box photo is also a small upgrade for me Of course, for the great gods of photography, this set of operations has been playing well.

Garmin Forerunner 245 is not a big box, the box is gray The appearance, front and side have pictures of the watch, and the overall feeling of the box is more tough.

The old rules on the back of the box are related to the product, gray backplane With the white text, it looks quite low-key, and the overall packaging is still simple and generous. 

The front of the box is printed on the front of the watch. After the test, the watch of Jiaming is systematically understood. It is very pleasant to get the real thing. The side is printed with Garmin. Logo, in the middle is the dial of the watch, this strap is burgundy, not bad.

The side of the box has a basic function introduction of the Forerunner 245 watch, which can collect running dynamics. Critical data such as training status, route, heart rate, body power, etc. Of course, you can also set up an emergency contact to prevent contact situations from being found when an unexpected situation occurs. 

There are a lot of breathable holes on the strap to prevent sweating on the wrist for a long time. More openings can be satisfied. For the needs of different wrists, the rear buckle is also specially designed to strengthen the watch to prevent the occurrence of the watch from falling out in the strenuous movements such as trail running. 

Foreunner 245 running watch equipped with optical wrist heart rate sensor, can help you monitor heart rate changes in a timely manner, every time you lift your wrist, you will find heart rate The lights will illuminate, the monitoring frequency will be faster, and the data feedback will be more timely.

The dial material is also very important. After all, no one wants his watch to be scratched. The Forerunner 245 uses Corning Gorilla Glass as the dial material.Corning's glass is widely used on mobile phones and has good data parameters such as hardness.

and a translucent anti-MI The P display still has a good viewing angle and effect under strong light, which saves the visibility and saves the power consumption caused by the screen display. As everyone knows, the mobile phone consumes the most power. The screen is displayed, and the watch is no exception.

The bezel is made of fiber reinforced polymer and has good strength. In the GPS positioning system, Samsung's satellite positioning system provides runners with a safer and more reliable location service.

Three, boot settings

Just boot according to the instructions, then there will be a choice of language and country, this is the direct choice according to their actual situation. The match with the mobile phone is matched by the APP. A 6-digit serial code will appear on the watch, and the match between the hand watch and the mobile phone can be realized by inputting into the APP. 

The setting of Garmin Forerunner 245 can basically be done in the APP.Scan the QR code on the separate paper in the box with WeChat, and jump to the application store to download it. After downloading and registering, the user can use it. The whole process takes about 15 minutes.

I actually registered Jia Ming’s account before, it is test When the children's education watch was registered, but forgot, so it was newly registered again. The above prompts can be directly logged in via QQ, but I found that the login window did not pop up when the APP clicked. Registration, agree to the legal requirements just fine.

Complete the account registration and prepare to synchronize, according to the operation requirements, it is very simple The device will be automatically searched for nearby devices.

If you can't search, you can manually select the device list, then complete the synchronization, absolutely In most cases, the synchronization is still very smooth when the phone's Bluetooth is turned on and the watch's power is met.

You can then select an avatar in the gallery. The gallery provides a very rich avatar to choose from. You can select it directly from the photo by accessing the photo album, or you can shoot it on the spot. In short, the three methods are very convenient and very user-friendly.

There are some privacy data that need to be set up to supplement the individual Data and body data will have more accurate data feedback.

These are very simple, just follow the steps and the picture is lively, not too rigid.

Then complete some authorization and share the data to complete the initial setup.

The initial setup is complete and you can enter normal use.

Garmin App provides a very rich private lessons, you can choose your favorite sports, then choose a private teacher, will There are professional videos to guide you to more scientific and reasonable sports, basically recorded by foreigners, but you can choose Chinese subtitles, so it is still very convenient overall.

Fourth, use evaluation

In fact, the most for me is running, and occasionally swimming in the water, so running The data is the most important for me. I saw that the netizen said that there is no change in the altitude data. In fact, the altitude data monitoring is more suitable for trail running. Of course, at this price point, the function of 245 is actually quite a lot. And the monitoring of air pressure, you can choose the higher-end Forerunner935. 

It has been used for two or three days now. Let me talk about the wearing feeling. After the exercise data is monitored, I will give a feedback after running. The dial display is quite comprehensive, with time display and accurate. In the second, there are news reminders when you log in on WeChat, but only the Android version provides a message reply function. There is no cheap electronic watch on your wrist. On the contrary, it can provide you with good health. And sports management, and it really looks beautiful. 

can synchronize data synchronization function at the right time. It is also very convenient to synchronize from the APP. The operation of the APP is simple and clear, and the function is very powerful. After all, Jiaming is also very professional in this one. The left side of the app, "My Day," can see the analysis of heart rate, number of steps, physical ability, stress, calories, and sleep detected at hand. And the color display of the interface is really good. 

Considering the different app habits and personal inclinations of different runners, Garmin 245 also has a friendly docking for different running apps. In addition to its own good speed app, Garmin supports the market. The mainstream squats, sprints, sprints, and marathalas are the mainstream sports apps to better provide running services. 

The data wire is displayed in a ring and blue, yellow and red color, which can help You can view the indicators of all aspects of your body in a timely manner, and show them in a day.

This is the sleep data last night, and the stomach is uncomfortable in the middle of the night.The data of sleep monitoring was affected to some extent. Yesterday's exercise was not much. I planned to go to run at night, but I felt a little tired, so I didn't go.

The display of heart rate can be displayed by means of wavy lines. I don't know this. How is the data. By the way, the data is checked. The normal data of the Chinese people is 50-95. The minimum value of the athlete's heart rate can be slightly lower than 50, but this value should be considered normal.

This is the data for walking on the 14th. The histogram corresponds to the time period. It is counted according to the hour. If you go to work normally, it is 7000 steps. The left and right looks consume 2,195 calories.

The body battery is very good, in fact, personally feel that the body is ingesting energy and expenditure A comparison of energy can better predict the strength of the activity. The first review will have a simple description that will allow the user to better understand the meaning of this indicator. 

Ha, 15th is Saturday. The only exercise is to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. When I wash my hair in the morning, I take down the watch. I bought a dish at noon. The official suggestion is to better monitor the body's electricity. If you wear the watch all day, there will be more accurate data presentation.

Pressure Monitoring This is also a superb function, an analysis of the extent of physical activity, from the four dimensions of rest, stress, activity and measurement [u>measurement] ,Personally feel that the data value will be larger in the case of fast work.

The calories are also consumed in a static state, haha, this is very interesting. With such a comparison, the calorie value consumed in the exercise state is really too small. After the next run, review the changes in the values in detail.

Sleeping situation analysis, I first had a sly bracelet, then the battery is broken, and the bracelet can also be monitored for sleep. However, the familiar feeling is not very accurate. After all, it is the most common sensor. I have worn the Garmin 245 watch for two days and found that the sleep monitoring is very accurate. The night of the 14th is sleepy. The quality of sleep all night is really very good, most of them are It is a deep sleep state, the quality of sleep is very difficult to get, and it can be seen that the time of light sleep is very small. The above picture shows the overall display of a time interval of sleep.

Action monitoring of the sleep process, this will mainly collect data on body turnover, arm activity, etc., a movement during sleep and The static state is displayed. Of course, some people are very quiet during sleep. Some people can sleep until dawn. Some people like to turn over. Of course, this is also related to the quality of sleep. For example, in the state of insomnia, it must be Hyperactive.

There will be an overall display of past data when pulled down. The first few screenshots are an analysis of the details. Of course, In order to display a uniform data, Garmin can display the data of the body's average situation in a 7-day cycle, which is quite good. 

< p style="text-indent: 2em;">On the 16th, I ran 15 kilometers in the morning. I didn’t have a run in the week. I was in a bad state. When I went out, I installed an energy gel. The little energy glue helped me to stick to it. It’s 15 kilometers. It’s not bad to run to 15km. I want to run halfway, but I feel that my knees are a little uncomfortable, and I finish running ahead of time. 

The watch is embedded with a high-tech map. This function is really powerful, and the motion map can be Presented in standard mode, satellite mode, and mixed mode.

From the value of the test, it is still very comprehensive,I found that I would eliminate the time of the stop in the exercise and calculate a total elapsed time and movement time after the talk, which is more detailed. There is still an hour of speed, it is also very intuitive, this actually did not understand before, Jiaming 245 watches have done a good statistics.

From the perspective of altitude change, the lowest altitude is 1511 meters, the highest altitude For the 1545 meters, there is a monitoring value of 85 meters in height and 86 meters in height. From the change of altitude, the track of Lanma is actually quite good.I remember that I participated in Wu Zhong’s half horse last year. The climb of a bridge has broken many players.

The time and pace of each kilometer will be listed Show it, and finally there are accumulated values, which is really quite intuitive.

Basically running at a speed of 6 points, the energy glue behind is not bad, so the speed is also correspondingly improved. The heart rate changes are relatively large, the highest reached 190, is also a very high value.

The training effect was shown in aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The difference between oxygen exercise and anaerobic exercise, the so-called aerobic is the movement of the human body in the case of fully aspirating oxygen, such as swimming, brisk walking, jogging and cycling, etc., from the pace of the two, the maximum reached 196, in fact This value is quite satisfactory to me, and I will improve it later. The result will be improved.

The display of altitude can be seen as the change of the terrain through the road, the highest one The place should be the bridgehead of the Army General Hospital. Finally, there is a duration of the heart rate interval, and a time is displayed for the duration of the different intervals. Looking at the numerical comparison, the fastest step frequency detected by the software is 185, both There are 11 errors, the fastest single-kilometer speed is 5 minutes and 34 seconds, and Garmin's fastest pace is 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Of course, the time between the two starts to count is about 1 minute, but the difference is still quite different. Large.

Click on each item and there will be a horizontal screen Detailed and comprehensive values. I didn't wear an Apple watch when I was running. I compared the gap between Apple Watch and 咕咚 before. In fact, the two are not big. In terms of data accuracy, I still believe that Jiaming's value will be more accurate.

This is a highly variable section view, very clear. 

A cross-sectional view of heart rate changes.

The cross-section of the pace.

V. Summary

When I first bought an Apple Watch, the main consideration was the value of the face, because at that time, there was actually not much running. In the past two years, there were more marathons, and it was actually more running. I love it. From Apple to Jiaming, it is a span from fashion to professional. Apple watches are more inclined to human-computer interaction, and Garmin is more concerned about the changes in your body. Garmin does it in the auxiliary function of mobile phones. Not many, such as WeChat reply, call answering these functions, of course, this is not what it is good. Apple watches also support running, cycling, swimming and many other outdoor activities in sports, the data collection dimension for ordinary users Say it is enough.

Apple Watch will count the number of sports and duration and calorie consumption by month, and then have a single exercise every month. Analysis. The data is not bad, wearing two watch colleagues on the left wrist, carried out a heart rate monitoring, Jia Ming's data will be about three values higher than Apple's data, personally think it should be hardware and software The normal error is coming. 

Look at the monitoring of Apple's single data. The first one is jogging. The second data is the monitoring of all the results of the halfway of the Lanzhou International Marathon in 2019. The chip's score is 202, so it is still quite accurate, because the Apple phone is only timed through the seven-point time trial. Of course, the heart rate is not reflected. 

The two watches are not aimed at the same user group, Garmin is positioned at Professional sports fans and athletes, but Apple is more focused on the young user group of human-computer interaction. Of course, many older senior fruit powders are also wearing many Apple watches. From the appearance, the Garmin 245 round design looks better, Apple's The rectangular design will have a larger dial display for WeChat replies, phone calls and all other software.

Closer to home, about the Garmin 245 watch, if you are just running a marathon and swimming What needs to accurately detect the body's data and the data of the exercise process, 245 is a good choice for you, light and portable appearance and longer battery life, this is the place that this watch attracts you, for the majority of runners Satisfy your needs completely; if you have a price of 1,500 yuan on your sports watch, then you can consider the previous generation 235, this watch is currently 1580, and all aspects of the function are good; if you It is a great-level cross-country race. You can think about the Forerunner 935. You can experience more comprehensive data monitoring by spending 1000 more.

Finally, if you want to achieve good results on running and can run scientifically, make a science for running postures, etc. The upgrade, Garmin Forerunner245 is a good choice for you. Its price is lower than 935, the function is better than 235 complete, especially the battery life, so for most people it is a good choice. When you choose it, even though Going hard to run, it will carefully monitor the changes in your data brought about by each step, and provide you with more comprehensive, more reasonable and more scientific advice.

245 watches currently have only three colors: mysterious gray, vibrant orange and coral purple, the official three colors are very personal Of course, you can use your third-party matching table to meet your personalized color needs. You can search on Jingdong. There is a strap called abdo flagship store. It is also good. Currently, 9 kinds of colors are provided. The strap can meet the needs of different users.

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