Use of the CP1W-MAD42 module

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Hardware devices: CP1H-XA40DT-D (PLC), CP1W-MAD42 (analog input and output modules), USB >

Cable, S8VK-C06024 (Switching Power Supply)

Software: CX-Programmer

Case Description: Using CP1H-XA40DT-D with CP1W -MAD42 module implements input acquisition and output simulation

quantity function.

1. System overview,Hardware setup and wiring

(1) Connect the PLC to the DC24V DC power supply, and connect the USB cable to the computer, as shown in Figure 1-1: 

2. Procedures

(1)Hardware setting:

a. Analog module CP1W-MAD42terminal is arranged as shown in Figure 2-1 Shown:

b.wiring of analog modules Figure 2 2:

c. CP1W-MAD42 input address assignment description: analog range is set in n+1, n+2, analog quantity

Enter the value of 1~4 in m+1, m+2, m+3, m+4CH,The value of the analog output 1~2 is saved

in n+1, n+2CH. As shown in Figure 2-3:

Note: n is the last output word assigned to the CPU unit or the last extension unit, m is assigned to the CPU

The last input word of the unit or the last extension unit.

(2) Software Operation:

The range code is set as shown in Figure 2. -5:

This case uses analog input 1:-10V~+10V, using averaging; Analog input 3: 4-20mA,

Identify 880C Hex in 102 and 8C0E Hex in 103.

b. Programming instructions

The program is shown in Figure 2-7:

< /p>

Note: It takes 2 cycles 50ms from the time the power is turned on until the initial conversion data is saved to the input word

left and right. So write the TIM command, when the power is turned on and the sync starts running,Waiting for the conversion data to become a valid program.

After the initialization process is completed, the analog input data will become 0000.

c. After the setting is completed, the settings are transferred to the PLC in the programming mode, the PLC is powered off and restarted, and the settings take effect; again

Transfer the program to the PLC.

3, Phenomenon and conclusion:

(1) Switch to surveillance mode

(2) Write the set values -6000 (-10V), &0(0V), &6000(10V) in sequence on 102CH, see

to the mold c.The value read by the input 1 is shown in Figure 3-1;

Write the set value &0(4mA), &6000(12mA) in sequence on 103CH , &6000(120mA), can be

See the value read by analog input 1 as shown in Figure 3-1

Input channel The value of the output is basically the same as the digital output.

4, Note:

(1) When the analog input module is used under the current input, the voltage input terminal and the current input terminal must be


(2) When the input range is set to 1~5V and the voltage drops below 0.8V or when the input range is set to 4~20mA

When the current drops below 3.2mA, the wire break detection function will be enabled. After the wire break detection function is enabled, convert


will be set to 8,000 Hex.

(3) When the input exceeds the specified range, the AD conversion data will remain unchanged at the lower or upper limit.

(4) The resolution of the CP1W-MAD42 module is 12000.

(5) Inputs that are not used should also be set, just like the input 2, 4 in the case, and the corresponding write 0.

(6) For analog input, when the mean calculation bit is set to 1, the average of the last 8 inputs (move

average) will be output as conversion data.

(7) Inputs that are not used should be shorted to the "+(VIN)" and "-(COM)" terminals.

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