Meter home sweeping robot evaluation Meter's price has never been disappointing

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I. Foreword: Three-year grinding of a sword and rice sweeping robot new upgrade

Do you all have Fantasy: I came home at a busy night, lazing on the sofa and holding my hands to watch the game, while sweeping the floor and mopping the house, someone automatically helped you.

With the development of technology, these illusions gradually came into reality, and the emergence of sweeping robots allowed us to get a glimpse of the chores of housework.

With this opportunity to evaluate the Mijia sweeping robot, the author experienced a feeling of liberating his hands. The following combines my own experience to give you a comprehensive evaluation of the use.

The home of the sweeping robot evaluation of the meter has never been disappointing

Speaking of it, the first generation of sweeping robots from Mijia has passed Three years. During this period, although we have evaluated too many models, we can use Mijia APP's sweeping robot, but they can only be regarded as Xiaomi's "distant relatives" ecological chain enterprise, and the new product of this evaluation is Xiaomi's real " "Pro- son".

As you can see from the name, the word "米家" is added in front. Another difference is that the name is swept away. After sweeping the mop, Mi Jia's three-year-old sword launched a new upgraded version of its sweeping robot: sweeping robot.

In addition to directly seeing the mopping function In addition, the Mijia sweeping robot supports 3 kinds of sweeping modes (sweeping and dragging, single sweeping, single mopping), which can simulate artificial mopping and repeated wiping.Its maximum suction reaches 2100Pa, the internal intelligent electric control water tank is used to accurately control water, and the LDSlaser navigation has also been upgraded. The construction speed is faster and the obstacle avoidance is more sensitive.

The evaluation items we mainly covered in the evaluation include: cleaning ability (suction test), pet hair, corner cleaning, carpet cleaning , wooden floor to wipe the ground), obstacles, automatic recharge, battery life, coverage, noise and so on. In order to show the effect of the use more intuitively, we will try to show you the GIF image in the evaluation summary. (Like the following)

Students who want to know the cleaning ability can jump to the fourth part directly!Here are the specific parameters:

Second: Appearance: Bring a touch of orange in pure black

Package box is Mijia The product's consistent packaging style, the front is the outline of the Mijia sweeping robot outlined by the lines, and the upper right corner is a small Mijia LOGO.

The fuselage is still the classic Mijia minimalist style. The black version of our out-of-box version has a glossy finish. It can be seen that there is a certain mirror effect. This is the first time that the Mijia sweeping robot was launched. Black version.

The advantage of simplicity is that it can be seamlessly integrated into the modern furniture environment. Compared to the pure black color we received, I think the white model will be more popular among young people.

The round area above the fuselage has a familiar orange color, which is the M-home LDS laser scanning system we have seen before.

LDS laser scanning system is updated here in the sweeping robot. Through multi-level calibration target and segmentation fitting algorithm, it can be 6×360°/sec when cleaning the map. The scanning frequency is scanned around 8 meters,The sampling rate is 2016 times/second, and the scanning accuracy deviation is ≤ 2%.

The metal touch strip on the back corresponds to the charging base.

The charging base and the machine are the same black.

Specially, this sweeping robot and the previous meter One of the major differences between the same type of products is the addition of the accessory, including the two-in-one water tank and the lock water rag. The part after this function is described in detail.

< p style="text-indent: 2em;">The angle of view is switched to the front of the fuselage again. After opening the cover to the maximum angle, the main internal structure is unobstructed, and the water tank dust box can be easily taken out.

Next, we can see the two buttons of Home and Power. In addition to the two functions, the text prompt can also integrate five other commonly used functions by long press and short press. Next to the top, it also prompts attention to the information of the blade. This is actually a two-in-one cleaning tool for the brush blade. The function of the blade is to cut off the hair wrapped during cleaning.

< p align="center">

In general, the work of this sweeping robot is very solid, the texture and materials are very reassuring (after all, the weight reaches 3.6KG), the author used a variety of meters of product experience In fact, the quality of the Mi family is still trustworthy.

We will only give a brief introduction to the appearance part. Below we will carry out the actual test !

Three, APP experience: Automatic room partition refers to where to scan

Start the device for the first time, Open the mobile phone's Mijia App, and then select the Mijia sweeping robot. The phone will connect to the Wi-Fi signal it transmits, and then you can control it accordingly.

After connecting with the APP, you can check the status of the Mijia sweeping robot on the mobile phone. In addition to several functions of the main body button, you can also control the sweeping. The robot performs regular cleaning, specified position cleaning, suction intensity control, real-time maps, and data statistics. Let's take a look at a few useful and interesting features.

After starting the cleaning, the Mijia sweeping robot will first scan the environment and then cover the largest area "around the week" to form a map. Begin regular cleaning.

After the first cleaning is completed, the Mijia sweeping robot will draw and memorize the complete indoor map, mobile app You can view, the map can be updated in real time during the cleaning process, and the scanned area APP is displayed in yellow.

If there is no electricity during the cleaning process, Mijia The sweeping robot will automatically return to the charging position for charging. After the charging is completed, it will be cleaned from the last memory position, which also makes up for the problem of battery.

Sometimes we don't want to clean the entire home, maybe just Some places are dirty, like under the table, and you can use the spot cleaning and area cleaning functions.

Any one on the map The cleaning point is placed in the position to be cleaned. After the sweeping robot reaches the point, click “Local Cleaning”, it will clean the surrounding area with the cleaning point as the center. The cleaning process is similar. The premise of using these two functions is the Mijia sweep. The towing robot has completed a cleaning and completed the mapping of the room.

In the first use of this robot, in order to prevent it from entering the bathroom and the kitchen, the author and the family had to carry the door with them, resulting in many Inconvenience.

In the process of groping, I found that there is a virtual wall and a forbidden zone function in the APP. After knowing, the author directly sets the toilet and kitchen door to the virtual Wall. After that, the Mijia sweeping robot will perfectly avoid these places when cleaning.

Three, cleaning ability: feel 2100Pa of swallowing beans /p>

1, suction test

In fact, in normal use, only turning on standard mode is enough. However, when testing, we still have to verify what the 2100Pa large suction is.

Open "Power Mode" in the app, it takes about 2 seconds for the dozens of beans on the ground to be completely cleaned up. In the driven picture, we can see that when a small amount of beans are cleaned, the Mijia sweeping robot does not fly or fly the beans. Instead, it cleans all the beans when the first pass through the combination of the side brush and the large suction. clean.

The beans on the local surface are many times when the rice-sweeping robots start to sweep back and forth repeatedly. Even the large-sized beans can't escape under the large suction force of 2100Pa.

2, paper scrap test

This part I originally wanted to test the scene with hair cleaning, but my hair is too short I want to find some long hair. The young lady in the editorial department doesn't look very good. So I have to use paper strips instead. The effect is similar. Let's look at the test results.

Because the position is not aligned, the Mijia sweeping robot has gone back and forth twice The paper dust on the ground is cleaned up. After the cleaning is completed, the machine is not rolled and the paper is not wrapped.

3, corner test

Because of the structural design of the robot, it is determined that the edge of the wall and the corner of the wall will become the "blind zone" during cleaning. In our test, there is no exception. One piece of paper scraps placed in the corner is not cleared.

4, off-road testing

Relying on two large-size main wheels, the "off-road capability" of the Mijia sweeping robot is very Excellent, ordinary threshold is not a problem.

5, anti-drop

Friends living in the villa may be worried, "my "What should I do if the sweeping robot falls when I use it upstairs?"

Please have a friend of the villa despite this! Product design timing has been taken into account.The Mijia sweeping robot has its own cliff sensor around it, which ensures that it can avoid accidental drops.

In the test, we put it on the table, and the Mijia sweeping robot will "stretch out half of the foot" carefully and repeatedly test, and automatically generate a new map after a week. Start cleaning in the center of the table. In this regard, the algorithm of the Mijia sweeping robot is still quite accurate.

V. Wet drag test: sweep clean and thorough

Not long ago we used to I have reviewed a wireless handheld wiper, which is also a product (hyperlink). The testing process is quite interesting.This test method is similar to the previous one. It directly shows you the whole process of using the Mijia sweeping and dragging machine, so that everyone can have a more intuitive feeling.

The first step is to add water, take out the gray two-in-one water tank, the volume is about 500ml, here we inject about 200ml.

Add a mop (available with two pieces that can be cleaned and reused if Too lazy to clean it can also be purchased online. In order to let everyone see that we deliberately reverse the machine, the machine can be installed normally under normal conditions.

Next the piece that was just sprinkled on the ground The water stains are quickly blotted out and then allowed to clean by themselves.

Mijia sweeping robot can use the height advantage to enter and exit all kinds of cleaning Where to reach.

When it comes to a table corner, the Mijia sweeping robot will clean around the corner of the table to ensure it can be cleaned. This makes the author very Satisfied.

The final cleaning process, automatically back to the charging pile, the process of docking with the charging pile The sense of technology is full!

In the past few days, the author found that if it is starting from the charging base, the Mijia sweeping robot can find it faster. The location of the home, without starting from the base, although it will eventually be able to go home, but the process will be more tortuous and need to find the path multiple times.

In addition, When the wet drag is controlled by the intelligent chip to control the electronic control water tank and the micro control water pump, the 3 water volume adjustment can accurately control the water output, that is, the phenomenon that the water is not blocked for a long time, and the water outlet state of the water tank can be automatically sensed during use. There is no water seepage in the state, users of wooden floors do not have to worry.

In the process of cleaning, the Mijia sweeping robot will take a bow-shaped route, effectively avoiding the repeated cleaning of an area, and also ensuring that the cleaned area is clean enough, through global planning, cleaning efficiency. It is much higher than the average sweeping robot.

Quiet Mode

Powerful mode

At present, the sweeping robots on the market still do not have "quiet cleaning", especially on the premise of pursuing large suction. /p>

It can be seen that in quiet mode, the noise is 66.5 decibels, and when it is turned into the "MAX" position, the sound will reach 75.9 decibels. I often use it at home. It is a small vacuum cleaner. Although there is no instrument comparison test, it is intuitively more sensitive than the vacuum cleaner.

Six, summary: the price of the rice family Never disappointing

Endurance test is not listed as a separate part, because the automatic backflush function of the Mijia sweeping robot is very perfect, and there is no need to worry about the battery being insufficient. The power consumption in the standard mode is about 30 minutes. 40%, the cleaning area is 35 square meters, and it can clean about 100 square meters when fully charged. The clean area of ​​the average family is certainly not so much.

米家扫拖The robot is enough to sweep, it depends on everyone's home is not big enough!

As a millet product, the Mijia sweeping robot has a unique advantage in the Internet experience. After the Mijia APP, the function experience is comprehensive and powerful. Whether it is specified location cleaning, automatic room partitioning, or restricted area, virtual wall function, the degree of intelligence can be obviously improved during use.

If you have a millet speaker or a millet phone at home, you can use the voice of Xiao Ai classmate to link up and say the requirements of starting cleaning, suspending cleaning, and charging back.This can be done in one sentence, which is especially useful for young people who are pursuing mobile phone remote control.

In terms of cleaning ability, compared with the traditional traditional sweeping robot, it is like a drunk man, and there is no rule in the rampage. The LDS laser scanning system quickly models and updates the room automatically, and automatically generates the most suitable cleaning path. It simulates the manual cleaning method, and the left and right sides are wiped back and forth, which not only has a higher degree of cleaning, but also greatly improves the efficiency.

Implemented to the price, Mi's products have never let us down, 1999 yuan is not expensive. There will be a discount of two hundred yuan on the first day of the 16th of this month. Heartfelt friends can pay attention to it early.

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