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N-Channel RF Amplifier
FAIRCHILD [Fairchild Semiconductor]
ONSEMI [ON Semiconductor]
NXP Semiconductors
VISHAY [Vishay Siliconix]


The 2N3819 is a low-cost, all-purpose JFET which offers good performance at mid-to-high frequencies. It features low noise and leakage and guarantees high gain at 100 MHz. The 2N3819 is designed for RF amplifier and mixer applications operating up to 450MHz, and for analog switching requiring low capacitance. Its TO-226AA (TO-92) package is compatible with various tape-and-reel options for automated assembly. For similar products in TO-206AF (TO-72) and TO-236 (SOT-23) packages, see the 2N4416/2N4416A/SST4416 data sheet.


2N3819 Features


• Low cost

• Specified at 100 MHz

• Automatic insertion package


2N3819 Applications


• High-Frequency Amplifier/Mixer

• Oscillator

• Sample-and-Hold

• Very Low Capacitance Switches

Maximum Drain–Source Voltage VDS25 Vdc
Maximum Drain–Gate Voltage VDG25 Vdc
Maximum Gate–Source Voltage VGS25 Vdc
Maximum Drain Current ID100 mAdc
Maximum Forward Gate Current IG(f)10 mAdc
Maximum Total Device Dissipation TA @ 25°C PD350 mW
Maximum Total Device Dissipation Derate above 25°C PD2.8 mW/°C
Maximum Storage Channel Temperature Range Tstg–65 to +150 °C
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