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DESCRIPTION The 2N6487 and 2N6488 are silicon epitaxial-base NPN transistors in Jedec TO-220 plastic package. They are inteded for use in power linear and low frequency switching applications. The 2N6487 complementary type 2N6490. TO-220

Symbol Parameter NPN PNP V CBO V CEX V CEO V EBO IB P tot T stg Tj Collector-Base Voltage = 0) Collector-Emitter Voltage =100 ) Collector-Emitter Voltage = 0) Emitter-Base Voltage = 0) Collector Current Base Current Total Dissipation 25 C Storage Temperature

R thj-case R thj-amb Thermal Resistance Junction-case Thermal Resistance Junction-ambient Max 1.67 70

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tcase 25 oC unless otherwise specified)

Symbol I CEX Parameter Collector Cut-off Current = -1.5V) Test Conditions for 2N6487/2N6490 for o C for 2N6487/2N6490 for 2N6488 for 2N6487/2N6490 for 2N6488 for 2N6487/2N6490 for 200 mA for 2N6487/2N6490 for 200 mA for 2N6487/2N6490 for 40 V Min. Typ. Max. Unit mA

Collector Cut-off Current 100 ) Collector Cut-off Current = 0) Emitter Cut-off Current = 0)

V CEO(sus) Collector-Emitter Sustaining Voltage V CER(sus) Collector-Emitter Sustaining Voltage 100 )

V CEX(sus) Collector-Emitter 200 mA Sustaining Voltage for =100 ) for 2N6488 V CE(sat) h fe Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage Base-Emitter Voltage DC Current Gain Small Signal Current Gain 4 V

Pulsed: Pulse duration = 300 �s, duty cycle 1.5 % For PNP types voltage and current values are negative.



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