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N-Channel Enhancement Mode Field Effect Transistor
Texas Instruments
NSC [National Semiconductor]
Unisonic Technologies
FAIRCHILD Semiconductor
SECOS [SeCoS Halbleitertechnologie GmbH]
NXP Semiconductors
BILIN [Galaxy Semi-Conductor Holdings   Limited]
CENTRAL [Central Semiconductor Corp]
DCCOM [Dc Components]
Diodes Incorporated
GE [General Semiconductor]
Infineon Technologies AG
KEC [KEC(Korea Electronics)]
PANJIT [Pan Jit International Inc.]
SSC [Silicon Standard Corp.]
WEITRON [Weitron Technology]
Calogic, LLC
Chino-Excel Technology
SemiWell Semiconductor
Stanson Technology
NCEPOWER [Wuxi NCE Power Semiconductor Co., Ltd]

These 2N7002  n-channel enhancement mode field effect transistors are produced using National's very high cell density third generation DMOS technology. These products have been designed to minimize on-state resistance provide rugged and reliable performance and fast switching. They can be used, with a minimum of effort, in most applications requiring up to 400 mA DC and can deliver pulsed currents up to 2A. This product is particularly suited to low voltage, low current applications, such as small servo motor controls, power MOSFET gate drivers, and other switching applications.


2N7002 Features
  • • Efficient high density cell design approaching (3 million/in2)
  • •Voltage controlled small signal switch
  • • Rugged
  • •High saturation current
  • • Low RDS (ON)
Drain-Source Voltage VDSS60V
Drain-Gate Voltage (RGS s 1 MX) VDGR60V
Gate-Source Voltage VGSS±40V
Drain Current (Continuous) ID115mA
Drain Current( Pulsed ) ID800mA
Operating and Storage Temperature Range TJ, TSTG-55 to 150°C
Storage Temperature TSTG-65 ~ +150°C
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