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Silicon NPN Power Transistor
ISC [Inchange Semiconductor Company Limited]
Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor


2SC1969is a silicon NPN epitaxial planar type transistor designed for RF power amplifiers on HF band mobile radio applications.


2SC1969 Features


  • ·High Power Gain:: Gpe≥12dB@VCC= 12V,f= 27MHz, PO= 16W
  • ·Emitter ballasted construction for high reliability and good performances
  • ·TO-220 package similarly is combinient for mounting
  • ·Ability of withstanding infinite load VSWR when operated at VCC= 12V,f= 27MHz, PO= 16W
MAXIMUM Collector-Base Voltage VCBO60 V
MAXIMUM Collector-Emitter Voltage RBE= ∞ VCEO25 V
MAXIMUM Emitter-Base Voltage VEBO5 V
MAXIMUM Collector Current IC6 A
MAXIMUM Collector Power Dissipation @TC=25℃ PC20 W
MAXIMUM Collector Power Dissipation @Ta=25℃ PC1.7 W
Junction Temperature Tj150 ℃
Storage Temperature Range Tstg-55 to150 ℃
Thermal Resistance,Junction to Ambient Rth j-a73.5 ℃/W
Thermal Resistance,Junction to Case Rth j-c6.25 ℃/W
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