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Low Noise Audio Amplifier Applications
TOSHIBA Semiconductor


FET, Silicon N Channel Junction Type(for Low Noise Audio Amplifier)




  • • Recommended for first stages of EQ and M.C. head amplifiers.
  • • High |Yfs|: |Yfs| = 22 mS (typ.) (VDS = 10 V, VGS = 0, IDSS = 3 mA)
  • • High breakdown voltage: VGDS = −40 V
  • • Low noise: En = 0.95 nV/Hz1/2 (typ.)

           (VDS = 10 V, ID = 1 mA, f = 1 kHz)

  • • High input impedance: IGSS = −1 nA (max) (VGS = −30 V)
Gate-drain voltage VGDS-40 V
Gate current IG10 mA
Drain power dissipation PD400 mW
Junction temperature Tj125 °C
Storage temperature range Tstg-55~125 °C
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