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N-Channel Silicon Power MOSFET.
Fuji Electric


2SK2645-01MR is a N-Channel Silicon Power MOSFET.


2SK2645-01MR Features


• High Speed Switching

• Low On-Resistance

• No Secondary Breakdown

• Low Driving Power

• High Voltage

• VGS = ± 30V Guarantee

• Repetitive Avalanche Rated


2SK2645-01MR Applications


• Switching Regulators


• DC-DC converters

• General Purpose Power Amplifier

Maximum Drain-Source-Voltage V DS600 V
Maximum Continous Drain Current I D9 A
Maximum Pulsed Drain Current I D(puls)32 A
Maximum Gate-Source-Voltage V GS±30 V
Maximum Repetitive or Non-Repetitive (Tch ??150°C) I AR9 A
Maximum Avalanche Energy E AS71,9 mJ
Maximum Power Dissipation P D50 W
Operating and Storage Temperature Range T ch150 °C
Operating and Storage Temperature Range T stg-55 to +150 °C
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