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APPLICA TIONS Hard Wired Equipment AC Power Protection Load Side Distribution Systems Secondary Protection for Light Industrial AC Power IEC COMPA TIBILITY (EN61000-4) 61000-4-5 (Surge): 8/20�s - Level & 333A Level 4(Line-Ground) FEA TURES

Meets ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Requirements Listed to CSA, File LR65240 Differential and Common Mode Protection Low Clamping Voltage Nanosecond Response Time Long Life and Maintenance Free

MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS Plastic Package Weight 485 Grams (Approximate) Flammability Rating UL 94V-0 Device Marking: Part Number , Logo, Voltage and Current Rating

DESCRIPTION The 587B Series of 120 Volt AC Surge Suppressors is designed for use by the OEM, equipment installer and or maintenance contractor. These modules employ a three stage technology proven to be the most cost effective and reliable method in protecting sensitive electronic equipment from over voltage transients. This series is designed to protect AC powered equipment from the 6,000 Volt peak open circuit voltage and 3,000 Amp short circuit current as defined in ANSI/IEEE C62.41, Category CI. The 587B Series offers a high degree of protection against 120 VAC line noise. It is ideal for protecting 400 Volt components because the solid state TVS technology assures that the line-to-neutral voltage will not exceed 400 Volts. While the modules are designed for transient voltage protection, the advanced circuitry will also attenuate the amplitude and slow the rate of rise of high frequency noise. The 587B Series includes differential mode and common mode protection, which is effective in reducing interference from line to equipment and are effective in reducing equipment generated noise to meet FCC, VDE and CSA interference requirements.

Figures 1 and 2 are photographs of digitized waveforms showing the typical clamping action a 15 ampere module. A 12 Ohm resistor is used to represent a 10 Amp equipment load. The load is then subjected to the ANSI/IEEE C62.41 Category CI test conditions (6,000V/3,000A). These photographs contrast the effect on equipment with and without the protector.

Operating Line Voltage: 130 VAC Max Maximum Line Current: 587B201: 20A (Line-to-Neutral Only) 587B301: 30A Transient Voltage: 6000Vpeak Transient Current: 3000Apeak Current Leakage: Line-to-Neutral: Neutral-to-Ground: Storage & Operating Temperature: (Measured at center of mounting surface) @ 130 VAC to 85�C Frequency (MHz) Common Mode Attenuation Differential Mode Attenuation


Clamping Voltage: The clamping voltage of an arrester is the voltage that appears across its terminals during conduction of a transient current. Standard Wave Form: The waveform of a surge current or voltage is designated by a combination of two numbers. The first number is for the time of the wave front expressed in microseconds from zero to the peak of the wave. The second number is for the time of the wavetail also expressed in microseconds from zero to the instant that the wavetail reaches one half of the crest or peak value. Example, 8/20 �s waveform. Transient Current: The transient current of an arrestor is the peak surge current which flows through the arrester when voltage clamping occurs.

For maximum effectiveness, the protector should be installed directly after the AC line on/off switch and fuse. This will protect the electronics from the AC line switch arcing and the severe transients caused by a fuse clearing. Some heat is produced when operating at full current load, and heat sinking may be required to maintain case temperature below 85�C. The case temperature is measured at the center of the mounting surface. The unit should not be mounted to a low combusting temperature material such as wood. High energy transients will cause a large circulating current in the AC input line (2,500A is possible). To prevent electromagnetic coupling, the AC line on the input side of the protector must be dressed away from other wiring; magnetic shielding may be required. In addition, the electrical service must be connected to a low impedance earth ground.

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