5962-95604 Datasheet

Dual High Speed, Low Power, Low Distortion, Voltage Feedback Amplifiers


Features, Applications
LM6172 Dual High Speed, Low Power, Low Distortion, Voltage Feedback Amplifiers

The is a dual high speed voltage feedback amplifier. It is unity-gain stable and provides excellent DC and AC performance. With 100 MHz unity-gain bandwidth, 3000V/�s slew rate and mA of output current per channel, the LM6172 offers high performance in dual amplifiers; yet it only consumes mA of supply current each channel. The LM6172 operates � 15V power supply for systems requiring large voltage swings, such as ADSL, scanners and ultrasound equipment. It is also specified � 5V power supply for low voltage applications such as portable video systems. The LM6172 is built with National's advanced VIPTM III (Vertically Integrated PNP) complementary bipolar process. See the LM6171 datasheet for a single amplifier with these same features.


(Typical Unless Otherwise Noted) n Easy to Use Voltage Feedback Topology n High Slew Rate 3000V/�s n Wide Unity-Gain Bandwidth 100 MHz n Low Supply Current 2.3 mA/Channel n High Output Current 50 mA/channel n Specified for � 15V and � 5V Operation


Scanner I-to-V Converters ADSL/HDSL Drivers Multimedia Broadcast Systems Video Amplifiers NTSC, PAL � and SECAM Systems ADC/DAC Buffers Pulse Amplifiers and Peak Detectors

VIPTM is a trademark of National Semiconductor Corporation. PAL is a registered trademark of and used under license from Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Package Temperature Range Industrial +85�C 8-Pin DIP 8-Pin CDIP 10-Pin Ceramic SOIC 8-Pin Small Outline LM6172IMX Tape and Reel LM6172IM 5962-95604 Military to +125�C Rails Trays Rails WG10A M08A Transport Media NSC Drawing

If Military/Aerospace specified devices are required, please contact the National Semiconductor Sales Office/ Distributors for availability and specifications. ESD Tolerance (Note 2) Human Body Model Machine Model Supply Voltage (V+ - V-) Differential Input Voltage (Note 9) Output Short Circuit to Ground (Note 3) Storage Temp. Range � 10V Continuous to +150�C

Supply Voltage Junction Temperature Range LM6172I Thermal Resistance (JA) N Package, 8-Pin Molded DIP M Package, 8-Pin Surface Mount 95�C/W 160�C/W

Unless otherwise specified, all limits guaranteed for = -15V, VCM = 0V, and 1 k. Boldface limits apply at the temperature extremes Symbol VOS TC VOS IB IOS RIN RO CMRR PSRR AV Parameter Input Offset Voltage Input Offset Voltage Average Drift Input Bias Current Input Offset Current Input Resistance Open Loop Output Resistance Common Mode Rejection Ratio Power Supply Rejection Ratio Large Signal Voltage Gain (Note 100 VO Output Swing -13.1 RL Continuous Output Current (Open Loop) (Note 7) Sinking, = 100 ISC IS Output Short Circuit Current Supply Current Sourcing Sinking Both Amplifiers



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