6-1393090-7 Datasheet

Relay 2pole 24vac


Features, Applications

2 C/O or 3 C/O contacts Cadmium-free contacts DC and AC coils Mechanical indicator as standard Electrical indicator New test system with front operated finger protected push-to-test button and integral locking test tab White write on panel Applications Mechanical engineering, plant control

Contact data Configuration 2 C/O contacts or 3 C/O contacts Type of contact single cont. bifurcated cont. Rated current A 4A Rated voltage / max.breaking voltage 250 Vac / 440 Vac Rated breaking capacity 500 VA Make current (max. s at duty cycle A 8A Contact material AgNi 90/10

Contact life Type Load A, 250 Vac, C/O contact
DC coil AC coil Nominal coil power DC coil AC coil Operate category

Coil versions, DC-coil Coil code Nominal Pull-in Release Coil standard PD* voltage resistance current Vdc 1B0 2C0 All figures are given for coil without preenergization, at ambient temperature +20�C * Protection diode PD; standard polarity: 2-pole relays: -7, 3-pole relays: / -10

Coil versions, AC-coil Coil Nominal Pull-in Release Maximum Coil code voltage resistance current Vac c mA All figures are given for coil without preenergization, at ambient temperature +20�C Insulation Dielectric strength coil-contacts open contact circuit adjacent contacts Clearance / creepage Insulation to IEC 0110 (1/89) Voltage rating Pollution degree Overvoltage category Insulation to VDE 0110b (2/79) Tracking resistance Other data Flammability class UL Ambient temperature

V-0 DC-coil -45...+60 �C AC-coil -45...+50 �C Mechanical life >20x106 operations Max. switching rate at rated- / minimum load 100 min-1 Operate- / release time 5 ms Bounce time 4 ms Vibration resistance N/O / N/C contact 2 g Shock resistance (function) N/O / N/C 10 g Protection category IP 50 Relay weight 80 g Packaging unit 25 pcs. Accessories see accessories MT, page 113

Socket system 78 740 and 745 8/11 pin socket for / MT3 Double A2 screw for simple further connection of coil supply Snap-on mounting on DIN-rail Screw mounting Pozidrive screws with rising clamp terminals Logical layout of input-/output connections With marking area

MT socket with screw-type terminals for MT3 MT socket with screw-type terminals for MT2

Technical Data Rated current 10 A Rated voltage 400 Vac Dielectric strength coil/cont. >3000 Veff Ambient temperature +80 �C Protection category IP 20 Protection against accidential contact meets VBG 4 Mounting/DIN rail DIN50022 Wire cross section x 2,5mm2 Packaging unit 10 Stk.



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