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The  AD626ARZ-REEL  is a low cost, true sin gle-sup ply dif fer en tial am pli ?  er de signed for am pli fy ing and low-pass ?ltering small dif fer en tial voltages from sources having a large common-mode voltage.The AD626 can operate from either a single supply of +2.4 V to +10 V, or dual supplies of ±1.2 V to ±6 V. The input common-mode range of this ampli?er is equal to 6 (+VS – 1 V) which pro vides a +24 V CMR while operating from a +5 V sup ply. Fur ther more, the AD626 features a CMR of 90 dB typ.The ampli?er’s inputs are protected against continuous overload of up to 50 V, and RFI ?lters are included in the attenuator network. The output range is +0.03 V to +4.9 V using a +5 V sup ply. The ampli?er provides a preset gain of 10, but gains be tween 10 and 100 can be easily con ?g ured with an external re sis tor. Fur ther -more, a gain of 100 is available by connecting the G = 100 pin to analog ground. The AD626 also offers low-pass ?lter capability by connecting a ca pac i tor between the ?lter pin and analog ground.The AD626A and AD626B operate over the industrial tem per a ture range of –40°C to +85°C. The AD626ARZ-REEL  is available in two 8-lead packages: a plastic mini-DIP and SOIC.


AD626ARZ-REEL Features 



• Pin Selectable Gains of 10 and 100
• True Single-Supply Operation
  Single-Supply Range of +2.4 V to +10 V
  Dual-Supply Range of 1.2 V to 6 V
  Wide Output Voltage Range of 30 mV to 4.7 V
• Optional Low-Pass Filtering
• Excellent DC Performance
  Low Input Offset Voltage: 500 V Max
  Large Common-Mode Range: 0 V to +54 V
  Low Power: 1.2 mW (VS = +5 V)
  Good CMR of 90 dB Typ
• AC Performance
  Fast Settling Time: 24 s (0.01%)
• Includes Input Protection
  Series Resistive Inputs (RIN = 200 k)
  RFI Filters Included
  Allows 50 V Continuous Overload
AD626ARZ-REEL Applications
• Current Sensing
• Interface for Pressure Transducers, Position Indicators,Strain Gages, and Other Low Level Signal Sources


Number of Circuits1
Slew Rate0.22 V/μs
-3db Bandwidth100kHz
Voltage - Input Offset50μV
Current - Supply1.5mA
Current - Output / Channel12mA
Voltage - Supply, Single/Dual (±)2.4 V ~ 12 V, ±1.2 V ~ 6 V
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
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