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The AD7865BSZ-2  is a fast, low power, four-channel simultaneous sampling 14-bit A/D converter that operates from a single 5 V supply. The part contains a 2.4 μs successive approximation ADC, four track/hold amplifiers, 2.5 V reference, on-chip clock oscillator, signal conditioning circuitry and a high speed parallel interface. The input signals on four channels are sampled simultaneously thus preserving the relative phase information of the signals on the four analog inputs. The part accepts analog input ranges of ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V, 0 V to 2.5 V and 0 V to 5 V.


AD7865BSZ-2 Features


•  Fast (2.4 s) 14-Bit ADC
•  Four Simultaneously Sampled Inputs
•  Four Track/Hold Amplifiers
•  HW/SW Select of Channel Sequence for Conversion
•  Single Supply Operation
•  0 V to 5 V and 0 V to 2.5 V
•  High Speed Parallel Interface Which Also Allows
•  Interfacing to 3 V Processors
•  Low Power, 115 mW Typ
•  Power Saving Mode,15 WT yp
•  Overvoltage Protection on Analog Inputs

Number of Channels4
Conversion Rate350 kSPs
Resolution14 bit
Input TypeSingle-Ended
Interface TypeParallel
Operating Supply Voltage5 V
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 105 C
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