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Supervisory Circuits
Analog Devices
The  ADM706RAR  /ADM706R/ADM706S/ADM706T and the ADM708R/ADM708S/ADM708T microprocessor supervisory circuits are suitable for monitoring either 3 V or 3.3 V power supplies. The ADM706P/ADM706R/ADM706S/ADM706T provide power-supply monitoring circuitry that generate a reset output during power-up, power-down, and brownout conditions. The reset output remains operational with VCC as low as 1 V. Independent watchdog monitoring circuitry is also provided. This is activated if the watchdog input has not been toggled within 1.6 seconds. The ADM706R, ADM706S, and ADM706T are identical except for the reset threshold monitor levels, which are 2.63 V, 2.93 V, and 3.08 V, respectively. The ADM706P is identical to the ADM706R in that the reset threshold is 2.63 V. It differs only in that it has an active high reset output. 
ADM706RAR Features
• Precision supply voltage monitor 
- 2.63 V (ADM706P, ADM706R, ADM708R) 
- 2.93 V (ADM706S, ADM708S) 
- 3.08 V (ADM706T, ADM708T) 
• 100 μA quiescent current 
• 200 ms reset pulse width 
• Debounced manual reset input (MR) 
• Independent watchdog timer 
- 1.6 second timeout (ADM706x) 
• Reset output 
- Active high (ADM706P) 
- Active low (ADM706R, ADM706S, ADM706T) 
- Both active high and active low (ADM708R, ADM708S, 
- ADM708T) 
• Voltage monitor for power-fail or low battery warning 
• Guaranteed RESET valid with VCC = 1 V 
• Superior upgrade for MAX706P/R/S/T, MAX708R/S/T 
ADM706RAR Applications
• Microprocessor systems 
• Computers 
• Controllers 
• Intelligent instruments 
• Critical microprocessor monitoring 
• Battery-operated systems 
• Portable instruments 


Number of Voltages Monitored:1
Monitored Voltage:2.63 V
Power-Up Reset Delay (Typ):280 ms
Supply Voltage - Max:5.5 V
Maximum Operating Temperature:+ 85 C
Maximum Power Dissipation:470 mW
Minimum Operating Temperature:- 40 C
Operating Supply Current:250 uA
Overvoltage Threshold:2.7 V
Supply Voltage - Min:4.75 V
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