ADR291ER Datasheet

PMIC - Voltage Reference


The ADR290, ADR291ER and ADR292 are low noise, micropowerprecision voltage references that use an XFET® referencecircuit. The new XFET architecture offers significant performanceimprovements over traditional bandgap and BuriedZener-based references. Improvements include: one quarter thevoltage noise output of bandgap references operating at thesame current, very low and ultralinear temperature drift, lowthermal hysteresis and excellent long-term stability.The ADR29x family are series voltage references providing stableand accurate output voltages from supplies as low as 2.35 V for theADR290. Output voltage options are 2.048 V, 2.5 V, and 4.096 Vfor the ADR290, ADR291ER , and ADR292 respectively. Quiescentcurrent is only 12 μA, making these devices ideal for batterypoweredinstrumentation. Three electrical grades are availableoffering initial output accuracies of ±2 mV, ±3 mV and ±6 mVmax for the ADR290 and ADR291, and ± 3 mV, ±4 mV and±6 mV max for the ADR292. Temperature coefficients for thethree grades are 8 ppm/°C, 15 ppm/°C, and 25 ppm/°C max,respectively. Line regulation and load regulation are typically30 ppm/V and 30 ppm/mA, maintaining the reference’s overallhigh performance. For a device with 5.0 V output, refer to theADR293 data sheet.The ADR290, ADR291ER, and ADR292 references are specifiedover the extended industrial temperature range of –40°C to+125°C. Devices are available in the 8-lead SOIC and 8-leadTSSOP packages. ADR291ER Features • Supply Range2.35 V to 15 V, ADR2902.8 V to 15 V, ADR2914.4 V to 15 V, ADR292• Supply Current 12 A Max• Low-Noise 6 V, 8 V, 12 V p-p (0.1 Hz–10 Hz)• High Output Current 5 mA• Temperature Range 40C to 125C• Pin Compatible with REF02/REF19x ADR291ER Applications • Portable Instrumentation• Precision Reference for 3 V and 5 V Systems• A/D and D/A Converter Reference• Solar-Powered Applications• Loop-Current-Powered Instruments


[{"Name":"Voltage - Output","Value":"2.5V"},{"Name":"Tolerance","Value":"±0.08%"},{"Name":"Temperature Coefficient","Value":"10ppm/°C"},{"Name":"Voltage - Input","Value":"3 V ~ 15 V"},{"Name":"Number of Channels","Value":"1"},{"Name":"Current - Quiescent","Value":"12μA"},{"Name":"Current - Output","Value":"5mA"},{"Name":"Operating Temperature","Value":"-40°C ~ 125°C"},{"Name":"","Value":""},{"Name":"","Value":""}]

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