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RS-422 Interface IC
Texas Instruments(texas)


The AM26LS32AIN  and AM26LS33A devices are quadruple differential line receivers for balanced and unbalanced digital data transmission. The enable function is common to all four receivers and offers a choice of active-high or active-low input. The 3-state outputs permit connection directly to a bus-organized system. Fail-safe design ensures that, if the inputs are open, the outputs always are high.


AM26LS32AIN Features


•  AM26LS32A Devices Meet or Exceed the
   Requirements of ANSI TIA/EIA-422-B,
   TIA/EIA-423-B, and ITU Recommendations V.10 and V.11
•  AM26LS32A Devices Have ±7-V
   Common-Mode Range With ±200-mV Sensitivity
•  AM26LS33A Devices Have ±15-V
   Common-Mode Range With ±500-mV Sensitivity
•  Input Hysteresis . . . 50 mV Typical
•  Operate From a Single 5-V Supply
•  Low-Power Schottky Circuitry

Data Rate10 Mbps
Operating Supply Voltage5 V
Supply Current52 mA
Operating Temperature Range- 40 C to + 85 C
Mounting StyleThrough Hole
Package / CasePDIP-16
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