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Diodes Inc. ZXMN3F318DN8
Diodes Inc.
The  AO4404B uses advanced trench technology to provide excellent RDS(ON), low gate charge and operation with gate voltages as low as 2.5V. This device is suitable for use as a load switch or in PWM applications. The source leads are separated to allow a Kelvin connection to the source, which may be used to bypass the source inductance. Standard Product AO4404B is Pb-free (meets ROHS & Sony 259 specifications).
AO4404B Features
• VDS(V) = 30V
• ID= 8.5A (VGS= 10V)
• RDS(ON)< 24mΩ (VGS= 10V)
• RDS(ON)< 30mΩ (VGS= 4.5V)
• RDS(ON)< 48mΩ (VGS= 2.5V)


Drain to Source Voltage (Vdss)30V
Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25° C8.5A (Ta)
Rds On (Max) @ Id, Vgs24 mOhm @ 8.5A, 10V
Vgs(th) (Max) @ Id1.5V @ 250μA
Gate Charge (Qg) @ Vgs12nC @ 4.5V
Input Capacitance (Ciss) @ Vds1100pF @ 15V
Power - Max2.8W
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