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BCX 71K E6327

Transistors (BJT) - Single
Infineon Technologies
PNP transistor(BCX 71K E6327 ) in a plastic SOT23 package. NPN complements: BCX70 series.
BCX 71K E6327 Features
• Low current (max. 100 mA)
• Low voltage (max. 45 V)
• Low noise.
BCX 71K E6327 Applications
• Low level, low noise, low frequency applications in hybrid circuits
• General purpose switching and amplification.


Current - Collector (Ic) (Max)100mA
Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max)45V
Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic550mV @ 1.25mA, 50mA
DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce380 @ 2mA, 5V
380 @ 2mA, 5V330mW
Frequency - Transition250MHz
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