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The   BF1202WR   is a Enhancement type N-channel field-effect transistor with source and substrate interconnected. Integrated diodes between gates and source protect against excessive input voltage surges. The BF1202,BF1202R and BF1202WR are encapsulated in the SOT143B, SOT143R and SOT343R plastic packages respectively.


BF1202WR Features


•  Short channel transistor with high
    forward transfer admittance to input
    capacitance ratio
•  Low noise gain controlled amplifier
•  Partly internal self-biasing circuit to
   ensure good cross-modulation
   performance during AGC and good
   DC stabilization


BF1202WR Applications


• VHF and UHF applications with 3 to 9 V supply voltage, such as digital and analogue television tuners and professional communications equipment.

ConfigurationSingle Dual Gate
Transistor PolarityN-Channel
Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage10 V
Gate-Source Breakdown Voltage6 V
Continuous Drain Current0.03 A
Power Dissipation200 mW
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 150 C
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Package / CaseCMPAK-4
Minimum Operating Temperature- 65 C
Part # AliasesBF1202WR T/R
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