CLC436AJP Datasheet

Ic-feedback Op-amp


Features, Applications

The Comlinear is a high-performance, low power, voltage-feedback operational amplifier that has been designed for a wide range of low-cost applications. The CLC436 is specified to operate from dual �5V to dual �15V power supplies. Operating from �5V supplies, the unity gain stable CLC436 consumes a mere 23mW of power and features a 150MHz bandwidth and 850V/�s slew rate. Operating from �15V power supplies, the CLC436 consumes only 69mW (Icc 2.3mA) to provide a 200MHz unity-gain bandwidth, a very fast 2400V/�s slew rate and 13ns rise/fall times (5V step). At �15V, the device also provides large signal swings (>20Vpp) to give high dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio. As a low-power NTSC or PAL video line-driver, the CLC436 delivers low differential gain and phase errors (0.2%, 1.2�) and very high output drive current of 80mA. When used as a video ADC driver, the CLC436 offers low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) and high Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR). Because of it's voltage feedback topology, the CLC436 allows use of reactive elements in the feedback path and can be configured as an excellent active filter for videoreconstruction DACs. The CLC436's combination of low cost and high performance in addition to its low-power voltage-feedback topology make it a versatile signal conditioning building block for a wide range of price-sensitive applications.


2.3mA supply current 200MHz unity-gain bandwidth 2400V/�s slew rate Unity gain stable 110dB common-mode rejection ratio 80mA drive current >20Vpp output swing to �15V supplies Video line driver Video ADC driver Desktop Multimedia Low powered cable driver Video DAC buffer Active filters/integrators NTSC & PAL video systems


PARAMETERS CONDITIONS CLC436AJ FREQUENCY DOMAIN RESPONSE �5 -3dB bandwidth Vout < 0.5Vpp (AJP) Vout < 0.5Vpp (AJE) �15, �5 Vout 10Vpp -3dB bandwidth = +1 Vout 0.5Vpp, Rf gain flatness Vout < 0.5Vpp rolloff to 20MHz peaking to 10MHz linear phase deviation to 10MHz differential gain 4.43MHz, RL=150 differential phase 4.43MHz, RL=150 gain bandwidth product Vout �15, �5 TIME DOMAIN RESPONSE rise and fall time settling time to 0.05% overshoot slew rate 2V step, tr(in) 5ns 5V step, tr(in) 5ns 2V step, tr(in) 5ns 2V step, tr(in) 5ns 5V step, tr(in) = 5ns Vcc

(Vcc = 1kW; unless specified) TYP MIN/MAX RATINGS -40� to MHz dB deg % deg MHz ns % V/�s dBc nV/Hz pA/Hz mV �V/�C �A nA/�C mA B UNITS NOTES

DISTORTION AND NOISE RESPONSE 1MHz 2nd harmonic distortion 3rd harmonic distortion 1MHz 2nd harmonic distortion 5MHz 3rd harmonic distortion 1Vpp, 5MHz input voltage noise @1kHz current noise @1kHz STATIC DC PERFORMANCE input offset voltage average drift input bias current average drift input offset current power supply rejection ratio DC common-mode rejection ratio DC supply current RL= open loop gain MISCELLANEOUS PERFORMANCE input resistance common-mode input capacitance common-mode input resistance differential-mode input voltage range common-mode input voltage range common-mode output voltage range RL = output voltage range RL = output resistance, closed loop output current sourcing output current sinking

Min/max ratings are based on product characterization and simulation. Individual parameters are tested as noted. Outgoing quality levels are determined from tested parameters.

supply voltage maximum junction temperature storage temperature range lead temperature (soldering 10 sec) +150�C +260�C Model CLC436AJP CLC436AJE

A) J-level: spec is 100% tested at +25�C, sample tested +85�C. B) J-level: spec is sample tested at +25�C. Package Plastic (AJP) Surface Mount (AJE) 105�C/W 140�C/W

Frequency (MHz) Open Loop Gain and Phase
Frequency (MHz) Gain Flatness & Linear Phase
Load Capacitance CL (pF) 2nd Harmonic Distortion vs. Frequency
Frequency (MHz) Large Signal Pulse Response
Frequency (MHz) Small Signal Pulse Response



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