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Cirrus Logic


The   CS8415A   is a monolithic CMOS device which receives and decodes one of 7 channels of audio data according to the IEC60958, S/PDIF, EIAJ CP1201, or AES3. The CS8415A has a serial digital audio output port and comprehensive control ability through a 4-wire microcontroller port. Channel status and user data are assembled in block sized buffers, making read access easy.A low jitter clock recovery mechanism yields a very clean recovered clock from the incoming AES3 stream.Stand-alone operation allows systems with no microcontroller to operate the CS8415A with dedicated output pins for channel status data.


CS8415A Features


•  Complete EIAJ CP1201, IEC-60958, AES3,
   S/PDIF compatible receiver
•  +5 V Analog Supply (VA)
•  +3 V to +5 V Digital Interface Supply (VL)
•  7:1 S/PDIF Input MUX
•  Flexible 3-wire serial digital output port
•  8 kHz to 96 kHz sample frequency range
•  Low jitter clock recovery
•  Pin and microcontroller read access to
   Channel Status and User data
•  Microcontroller and standalone modes
•  Differential cable receiver
•  On-chip Channel Status and User data buffer
•  Auto-detection of compressed audio input
•  Decodes CD Q sub-code
•  OMCK System Clock Mode

ManufacturerCirrus Logic
Product CategoryAudio IC Development Tools
TypeAudio DSP
Tool Is For Evaluation OfCS8415A, CS8405A
Operating Supply Voltage3 V to 5 V
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