DAC210 Datasheet

Serial Digital to Analogue Rgb/yuv


Features, Applications

Broadcast Quality Performance Multiple output capability Unique Clock Regenerator circuitry Blank to analogue line length Up to six cards in a single 1U frame

These modules are part of our Series 200 range and are intended for broadcast quality applications. They offer a high level of features, with excellent specifications and performance. The conversion is performed to 10 bit resolution with a choice of either full 601, or near 601 filters (for single pass applications). The circuitry on the DAC210 modules contain a unique digital clock regenerator which removes distortion caused by jitter, giving a cleaner analogue output. This output is switchable between YUV/RGB. The module accepts both or 625 line standards and can be set to automatically switch between them. For 525 (NTSC) applications there is the option to put set-up on the analogue signal. The DAC210 modules can also be set to blank to analogue video line length. This is a shaped blanking and is often needed as the digital line length is longer than the analogue one. There is also the option to pass or blank the VBI lines. For Low cost, monitoring applications, we offer the DAC211M. See seperate datasheet.

270Mb/s serial digital to EBU Tech. 3267-E & SMPTE 259M 625 and 525 line standards Analogue YUV or RGB (selectable), 700mV into 75R and mixed syncs, 2V p-p Sync on Green selectable 2nd set of outputs available (see options) Reclocked serial digital video ( see options). 10 bit conversion with high performance seperated DAC's. Full Broadcast reconstruction filters are fitted as standard, complying with Rec 601 Frequency response = 5.75MHz and UV=2.75 0.1dB) for full 601 filters Differential Phase<0.05deg Differential Gain <0.05% YUV to RGB matrix error <1% Crosstalk <-54dB Noise <-54dB Cr-Cb delay +/-5nS Y-Cr,Cb delay +/-5nS Group delay inequality to 5.5MHz) Power Consumption 8.5W approx Single Eurocard board, front loading design for Microvideo 1U and 3U frames to A, RGB/YUV output, 10 bit, full 601filtering RGB/YUV output, 10 bit, full 1 x SDV out two sets of RGB/YUV output, 10 bit, full 601 filtering, 1 x SDV out RGB/YUV output, 10 bit, full 601 filtering, 4 x SDV out

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Data sheet ref - dac-02.dtp (April 98) The information contained here is confidential and subject to change



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