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DC/DC Converters
Burr-Brown Corporation
Texas Instruments


The  DCR022405P   family is a series of high-efficiency,input-isolated, output-regulated DC/DC converters. In addition to 2W nominal, galvanically-isolated output power capability, this range of converters offers very low output noise and high accuracy.The DCR022405P family is implemented in standard molded IC packaging, providing standard JEDEC outlines suitable for high-volume assembly.The DCR022405P is manufactured using the same technology as standard IC packages, thereby achieving very high reliability.


DCR022405P Features


•  UL1950 Recognized
•  DIP-18 and SO-10 Packages
•  55W/in3 (3.3W/cm3) Power Density
•  Device-to-Device Synchronization
•  Thermal Protection
•  1000Vrms Isolation
•  400kHz Switching
•  125 FITS at 55°C
•  Short-Circuit Protection
•  12V, 24V Inputs
•  5V Outputs


DCR022405P Applications


•  Point-of-Use Power Conversion
•  Digital Interface Power
•  Ground Loop Elimination
•  Power-Supply Noise Reduction

Output Power2 W
Input Voltage Range21.6 V to 26.4 V
Number of Outputs1
Output Voltage (Channel 1)5.1 V
Output Current (Channel 1)400 mA
Mounting StyleSMD/SMT
Package / Case SizePDIP-10
Operating Temperature Range- 40 C to + 70 C
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