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LVDS Interface IC
Texas Instruments(texas)


The DS90UR241QVS /124 Chipset translates a 24-bit parallel bus into a fully transparent data/control FPD-Link II LVDS serial stream with embedded clock information. This chipset is ideally suited for driving graphical data to displays requiring 18-bit color depth - RGB666 + HS, VS, DE + 3 additional general purpose data channels. This single serial stream simplifies transferring a 24-bit bus over PCB traces and cable by eliminating the skew problems between parallel data and clock paths. It saves system cost by narrowing data paths that in turn reduce PCB layers, cable width, and connector size and pins.


DS90UR241QVS Features


•  Supports displays with 18-bit color depth
•  5MHz to 43MHz pixel clock
•  Automotive grade product AEC-Q100 grade 2 qualified
•  24:1 interface compression
•  Embedded clock with DC Balancing supports AC-coupled data transmission
•  Capable to drive up to 10 meters shielded twisted-pair cable
•  No reference clock required (deserializer)
•  Meets ISO 10605 ESD - Greater than 8 kV HBM ESD structure
•  Hot plug support
•  EMI Reduction - Serializer accepts spread spectrum input;
   data randomization and shuffling on serial link;
   Deserializer provides Adjustable PTO (progressive turnon) LVCMOS outputs

Number of Drivers1
Number of Receivers24
Operating Supply Voltage3.3 V
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 105 C
Package / CaseTQFP-48
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