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Read Only Contactless Identification Device


The EM4102 (previously named H4102) is a CMOS integrated circuit for use in electronic Read Only RF Transponders. The circuit is powered by an external coil placed in an electromagnetic field, and gets its master clock from the same field via one of the coil terminals. By turning on and off the modulation current, the chip will send back the 64 bits of information contained in a factor programmed memory array. The programming of the chip is performed by laser fusing of polysilicon links in order to store a unique code on each chip.


The EM4102 has several metal options which are used to define the code type and data rate. Data rates of 64, 32 and 16 periods of carrier frequency per data bit are available. Data can be coded as Manchester, Biphase or PSK.


Due to low power consumption of the logic core, no supply buffer capacitor is required. Only an external coil is needed to obtain the chip function. A parallel resonance capacitor of 78 pF is also integrated.


EM4102 Features


• 64 bit memory array laser programmable

• Several options of data rate and coding available

• On chip resonance capacitor

• On chip supply buffer capacitor

• On chip voltage limiter

• Full wave rectifier on chip

• Large modulation depth due to a low impedance modulation device

• Operating frequency 100 - 150 kHz

• Very small chip size convenient for implantation

• Very low power consumption


EM4102 Applications


• Animal implantable transponder

• Animal ear tag

• Industrial transponder

Maximum DC Current forced on COIL1 & COIL2 ICOIL±30mA
Maximum Power Supply VDD-0.3 to 7.5V
Maximum Storage Temp. Die form Tstore-55 to +200 °C
Maximum Storage Temp. PCB form Tstore-55 to +125 °C
Electrostatic discharge maximum to MIL-STD-883C method 3015 VESD2000V
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