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PMIC - Power Distribution Switches
FAIRCHILD Semiconductor


This device is particularly suited for compact power management in portable electronic equipment where 2.5V to 8V input and 0.6A output current capability are needed. This load switch integrates a small N-Channel power MOSFET (Q1) which drives a large P-Channel power MOSFET (Q2) in one tiny SC70-6 package.


FDG6323L Features


• VDROP=0.2V @ VIN=5V, IL=0.36A. R(ON) = 0.55W  VDROP=0.2V @ VIN=2.5V, IL=0.27A. R(ON) = 0.75W.
• Very small package outline SC70-6.
• Control MOSFET (Q1) includes Zener protection for ESD ruggedness (>6KV Human Body Model).
• High density cell design for extremely low on-resistance.
• Compact industry standard SC70-6 surface mount package.

Number of Outputs1
Rds (On)550 mOhm
Current Limit600mA
Voltage - Input2.5 V ~ 8 V
Operating Temperature-55°C ~ 150°C
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