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High Speed Optocouplers
FAIRCHILD Semiconductor


The  H11N1SVM   series has a high speed integrated circuit detector optically coupled to an AlGaAs infrared emitting diode. The output incorporates a Schmitt trigger, which provides hysteresis for noise immunity and pulse shaping. The detector circuit is optimized for simplicity of operation and utilizes an open collector output for maximum application flexibility.


H11N1SVM Features


• High data rate, 5 MHz typical (NRZ)
• Free from latch up and oscilliation throughout voltage and temperature ranges.
• Microprocessor compatible drive
• Logic compatible output sinks 16 mA at 0.5 V maximum
• Guaranteed on/off threshold hysteresis
• Wide supply voltage capability, compatible with all popular logic systems
• High common mode transient immunity, 2000 V/μs minimum
• Underwriter Laboratory (UL) recognized—file #E90700
• VDE recognized – File#102497 – Add option V (e.g., H11N1VM)


H11N1SVM Applications


• Logic to logic isolator
• Programmable current level sensor
• Line receiver—eliminate noise and transient problems
• A.C. to TTL conversion—square wave shaping
• Interfaces computers with peripherals
• Isolated power MOS driver for power supplies

Maximum Baud Rate5 MBps
Maximum Forward Diode Voltage2 V
Maximum Reverse Diode Voltage6 V
Maximum Power Dissipation250 mW
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
Minimum Operating Temperature- 40 C
Package / CaseDIP-6 Gull Wing
Fall Time12 ns
Isolation Voltage5300 Vrms
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