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High-Speed, Precision Difference Amplifier
Texas Instruments


The  INA157U  is a high slew rate, G = 1/2 or G = 2 difference amplifier consisting of a precision op amp with a precision resistor network. The on-chip resis-tors are laser trimmed for accurate gain and high common-mode rejection. Excellent TCR tracking of the resistors maintains gain accuracy and common-mode rejection over temperature. The input common-mode voltage range extends beyond the positive and negative supply rails. It operates on ±4V to ±18V supplies.


INA157U Features


• Designed For Low Cost

• Low Offset Voltage: ±500µV max

• Low Offset Drift: ±2µV/°C

• Low Gain Error: ±0.05% max

• Wide Bandwidth: 3MHZ

• High Slew Rate: 14V/µS

• Fast Settling Time: 3µS TO 0.01%

• Wide Supply Range: ±4V TO ±18V

• Low Quiescent Current: 2.4MA

• So-8 Surface-Mount Package


INA157U Applications


• Differential Input Amplifier
• Instrumentation Amplifier
  Building Block
• G = 1/2 Amplifier
• G = 2 Amplifier
• Differential Current Receiver
• Voltage-Controlled Current Source
• Ground Loop Eliminator
• Current Shunt Monitor
Slew Rate14 V/μs
-3db Bandwidth4MHz
Voltage - Input Offset100μV
Current - Supply2.4mA
Current - Output / Channel60mA
Voltage - Supply, Single/Dual (±)8 V ~ 36 V, ±4 V ~ 18 V
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
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