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Power Driver ICs
International Rectifier
The  IPS511 /IPS511S are fully protected five terminal high side switches with built in short circuit, over-temperature, ESD protection, inductive load capability and diagnostic feedback. The output current is controlled when it reaches Ilim value. The current limitation is activated until the thermal protection acts. The over-temperature protection turns off the high side switch if the junction temperature exceeds Tshutdown. It will automatically restart after the junction has cooled 7o C below Tshutdown. A diagnostic pin is provided for status feedback of short-circuit, over-temperature and open load detection. The double level shifter circuitry allows large offsets between the logic ground and the load ground.
IPS511 Features
• Over temperature protection (with auto-restart)
• Short-circuit protection (current limit )
• Active clamp
• E.S.D protection
• Status feedback
• Open load detection
• Logic ground isolated from power ground


Output Current:3 A
Supply Current:0.7 mA
Maximum Power Dissipation:25 W
Minimum Operating Temperature:- 40 C
Number of Outputs:1
Type:High Side
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