ISO7221CDR Datasheet

Dual-Channel Digital Isolators


3 Description
The ISO7220x and ISO7221x family devices are dual-channel digital isolators. To facilitate PCB layout, the channels are oriented in the same direction in the ISO7220x and in opposite directions in the ISO7221x. These devices have a logic input and output buffer separated by TI’s silicon-dioxide (SiO2) isolation barrier, providing galvanic isolation of up to 4000 VPK per VDE. Used in conjunction with isolated power supplies, these devices block high voltage and isolate grounds, as well as prevent noise currents on a data bus or other circuits from entering the local ground and interfering with or damaging sensitive circuitry.
A binary input signal is conditioned, translated to a balanced signal, then differentiated by the capacitive isolation barrier. Across the isolation barrier, a differential comparator receives the logic transition information, then sets or resets a flip-flop and the output circuit accordingly. A periodic update pulse is sent across the barrier to ensure the proper dc level of the output. If this dc-refresh pulse is not received every 4 μs, the input is assumed to be unpowered or not being actively driven, and the failsafe circuit drives the output to a logic high state.

• 1, 5, 25, and 150-Mbps Signaling Rate Options
   – Low Channel-to-Channel Output Skew;
      1-ns Max
   – Low Pulse-Width Distortion (PWD); 1-ns Max
   – Low Jitter Content; 1 ns Typ at 150 Mbps
• 50 kV/μs Typical Transient Immunity
• Operates with 2.8-V (C-Grade),
   3.3-V, or 5-V Supplies
• 4-kV ESD Protection
• High Electromagnetic Immunity
• –40°C to +125°C Operating Range
• Typical 28-Year Life at Rated Voltage
   (see High-Voltage Lifetime of the ISO72x Family
   of Digital Isolators and Isolation Capacitor Lifetime
• Safety-Related Certifications
   – VDE Basic Insulation with 4000-VPK VIOTM, 560
      VPK VIORM per DIN V VDE V 0884-10 (VDE V
      0884-10):2006-12 and DIN EN 61010-1 (VDE
   – 2500 VRMS Isolation per UL 1577
   – CSA Approved for Component Acceptance
      Notice 5A and IEC 60950-1

• Industrial Fieldbus
   – Modbus
   – Profibus™
   – DeviceNet™ Data Buses
• Computer Peripheral Interface
• Servo Control Interface
• Data Acquisition



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