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Comparator ICs


This family of devices consists of four independent precision-voltage comparators with an offset voltage specification as low as 2 mV maximum for LM339A, LM239DT  and LM139A. Each comparator has been designed specifically to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. Operation from split power supplies is also possible.


LM239DT Features


•  Wide single supply voltage range or dual supplies for all devices: +2 to +36 V or ±1 V to ±18 V
•  Very low supply current (1.1 mA) independent of supply voltage
•  Low input bias current: 25 nA typ
•  Low input offset current: ±5 nA typ
•  Low input offset voltage: ±1 mV typ
•  Input common-mode voltage range includes ground
•  Low output saturation voltage: 250 mV typ;(ISINK = 4 mA)
•  Differential input voltage range equal to the supply voltage
•  TTL, DTL, ECL, MOS, CMOS compatible outputs

Number of Channels4
Output TypeOpen Collector
Supply Voltage - Max36 V
Supply Voltage - Min2 V
Offset Voltage (Max)5 mV
Supply Current (Max)2 mA
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