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Single Timer
National Semiconductor
FAIRCHILD [Fairchild Semiconductor]
Harris Corporation]

TheLM555is a highly stable controller capable of producing accurate timing pulses. With a monostable operation, the time delay is controlled by one external resistor and one capacitor. With an astable operation, the frequency and duty cycle are accurately controlled by two external resistors and one capacitor.

LM555 Features
  • • High Current Drive Capability (200mA)
  • • Adjustable Duty Cycle
  • • Temperature Stability of 0.005%/°C
  • • Timing From μSec to Hours
  • • Turn off Time Less Than 2μSec
LM555 Applications
  • • Precision Timing
  • • Pulse Generation
  • • Time Delay Generation
  • • Sequential Timing


IF you want know more about LM555 please downloadLM555 datasheet pdf.

Supply voltage VCC16V
Lead Temperature (Soldering 10sec) TLEAD300°C
Power Dissipation PD600mW
Operating Temperature Range TOPR0 to +70°C
Storage Temperature Range TSTG-65 to +150
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