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High Speed Low Power Low Distortion Voltage Feedback Amplifier
Texas Instruments


The LM6171 is a high speed unity-gain stable voltage feedback amplifier. It offers a high slew rate of 3600V/μs and a unity-gain bandwidth of 100 MHz while consuming only 2.5 mA of supply current. The LM6171 has very impressive AC and DC performance which is a great benefit for high speed signal processing and video applications


LM6171 Features


• (Typical Unless Otherwise Noted)
• Easy-To-Use Voltage Feedback Topology
• Very High Slew Rate: 3600V/μs
• Wide Unity-Gain-Bandwidth Product: 100 MHz
• Low Supply Current: 2.5 mA
• High CMRR: 110 dB
• High Open Loop Gain: 90 dB
• Specified for ±15V and ±5V Operation
LM6171 Applications
• Multimedia Broadcast Systems
• Line Drivers, Switchers
• Video Amplifiers
• NTSC, PAL® and SECAM Systems
• ADC/DAC Buffers
• HDTV Amplifiers
• Pulse Amplifiers and Peak Detectors
• Instrumentation Amplifier
• Active Filters


Common Mode Rejection Ratio (Min)70 dB
Input Offset Voltage8 mV
Input Bias Current (Max)4 uA
Operating Supply Voltage5.5 V to 34 V
Output Current116 mA
Maximum Operating Temperature+ 85 C
Gain Bandwidth Product100 MHz
Maximum Dual Supply Voltage+/- 17 V
Minimum Dual Supply Voltage+/- 2.75 V
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