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Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps
Texas Instruments
The LMV321 (single), LMV358 (dual), and LMV324(LMV324MT/NOPB ) (quad) are a low cost, voltage feedback amplifiers that consume only 80µA of supply current per amplifier. The LMV3XX family is designed to operate from 2.7V (±1.35V) to 5.5V (±2.75V) supplies. The common mode voltage range extends below the negative rail and the output provides rail-to-rail performance. The LMV3XX family is designed on a CMOS process and provides 1.2MHz of bandwidth and 1.5V/µs of slew rate at a low supply voltage of 2.7V. The combination of low power, rail-to-rail performance, low voltage operation, and tiny package options make the LMV3XX family well suited for use in personal electronics equipment such as cellular handsets, pagers, PDAs, and other battery powered applications.
LMV324MT/NOPB Features
• 80µA supply current per channel
• 1.2MHz gain bandwidth product
• Output voltage range: 0.01V to 2.69V
• Input voltage range: -0.25V to +1.5V
• 1.5V/µs slew rate
• LMV321 directly replaces other industry standard LMV321 amplifiers; available in SC70-5 and SOT23-5 packages
• LMV358 directly replaces other industry standard LMV358 amplifiers; available in MSOP-8 and SOIC-8 packages
• LMV324 directly replaces other industry standard LMV324 amplifiers; available in TSSOP-14 and SOIC-14 packages
• Fully specified at +2.7V and +5V supplies
LMV324MT/NOPB Applications
• Low cost general purpose applications
• Cellular phones
• Personal data assistants
• A/D buffer
• DSP interface
• Smart card readers
• Portable test instruments
• Keyless entry
• Infrared receivers for remote controls
• Telephone systems
• Audio applications
• Digital still cameras
• Hard disk drives
• MP3 players


Number of Circuits4
Slew Rate1 V/μs
Gain Bandwidth Product1MHz
Current - Input Biasc15nA
Voltage - Input Offset1.7mV
Current - Supply410μA
Current - Output / Channel160mA
Voltage - Supply, Single/Dual (±)2.7 V ~ 5.5 V, ±1.35 V ~ 2.75 V
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
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