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Optoisolators - Transistor, Photovoltaic Output
Clare, Inc.
IXYS Corporation


LOC110STR  is a linear optocoupler for use in telecom, medical and power supply isolation circuits. They are available in 8 pin DIP, surface mount or flatpack packages.


LOC110STR Features



• 8 Pin Flatpack or DIP PAckage (PCMCIA Compatible)
• Couples Analog and Digital Signals
• Wide Bandwidth (>200kHz)
• High Gain Stability
• Low Input/Output Capacitance
• Low Power Consumption
• 0.01% Servo Linearity
• THD 87dB Typical
• Machine Insertable, Wave Solderable
• Surface Mount and Tape Reel Versions Available
• VDE Compatible
LOC110STR Applications
• Modem Transformer Replacement With No Insertion Loss
• Digital Telephone Isolation
• Power Supply Feedback Voltage/Current
• Medical Sensor Isolation
• Audio Signal Interfacing
• Isolation of Process Control Transducers



Number of Channels1
Input TypeDC
Voltage - Isolation3750Vrms
Current Transfer Ratio (Min)0.55% @ 2mA ~ 10mA
Current Transfer Ratio (Max)1.43% @ 2mA ~ 10mA
Current - DC Forward (If)100mA
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