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LINER [Linear Technology]


The LT®1498/ LT1499IS   are dual/quad, rail-to-rail input and output precision C-Load™ op amps with a 10MHz gainbandwidth product and a 6V/μs slew rate.The LT1498/LT1499IS are designed to maximize input dynamic range by delivering precision performance over the full supply voltage. Using a patented technique, both input stages of the LT1498/LT1499 are trimmed, one at the negative supply and the other at the positive supply.The resulting guaranteed common mode rejection is much better than other rail-to-rail input op amps. When used as a unity-gain buffer in front of single supply 12-bit A-to-D converters, the LT1498/LT1499 are guaranteed to add less than 1LSB of error even in single 3V supply systems.


LT1499IS Features


• Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
• 475μV Max VOS from V+ to V–
• Gain-Bandwidth Product: 10MHz
• Slew Rate: 6V/μs
• Low Supply Current per Amplifi er: 1.7mA
• Input Offset Current: 65nA Max
• Input Bias Current: 650nA Max
• Open-Loop Gain: 1000V/mV Min
• Low Input Noise Voltage: 12nV/√Hz Typ
• Wide Supply Range: 2.2V to ±15V
• Large Output Drive Current: 30mA
• Stable for Capacitive Loads Up to 10,000pF
• Dual in 8-Pin PDIP and SO Package
• Quad in Narrow 14-Pin SO


LT1499IS Applications


• Driving A-to-D Converters
• Active Filters
• Rail-to-Rail Buffer Amplifi ers
• Low Voltage Signal Processing
• Battery-Powered Systems

Amplifier TypeGeneral Purpose
Number of Circuits4
Output TypeRail-to-Rail
Slew Rate6 V/μs
Gain Bandwidth Product10.5MHz
Current - Input Bias250nA
Voltage - Input Offset200μV
Current - Supply1.8mA
Current - Output / Channel30mA
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