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The  LTC3728EG  is a dual high performance step-down switching regulator controller that drives all N-channel synchronous power MOSFET stages. A constant-frequency current mode architecture allows phase-lockable frequency of up to 550kHz. Power loss and noise due to the ESR of the input capacitors are minimized by operating the two controller output stages out of phase. OPTI-LOOP compensation allows the transient response to be optimized over a wide range of output capacitance and ESR values. The precision 0.8V reference and power good output indicator are compatible with future microprocessor generations, and a wide 3.5V to 30V (36V maximum) input supply range encompasses all battery chemistries.A RUN/SS pin for each controller provides both softstart and optional timed, short-circuit shutdown. Current foldback limits MOSFET dissipation during short-circuit conditions when overcurrent latchoff is disabled. Output overvoltage protection circuitry latches on the bottom MOSFET until VOUT returns to normal. The FCB mode pin can select among Burst Mode, constant-frequency mode and continuous inductor current mode or regulate  a secondary winding. The LTC3728EG includes a power good  output pin that indicates when both outputs are within  7.5% of their designed set point
LTC3728EG  Features
• Dual, 180° Phased Controllers Reduce Required Input Capacitance and Power Supply Induced Noise
• OPTI-LOOP® Compensation Minimizes COUT
• ±1% Output Voltage Accuracy
• Power Good Output Voltage Indicator
• Phase-Lockable Fixed Frequency 250kHz to 550kHz
• Dual N-Channel MOSFET Synchronous Drive
• Wide VIN Range: 3.5V to 36V Operation
• Very Low Dropout Operation: 99% Duty Cycle
• Adjustable Soft-Start Current Ramping
• Foldback Output Current Limiting
• Latched Short-Circuit Shutdown with Defeat Option
• Output Overvoltage Protection
• Remote Output Voltage Sense
• Low Shutdown IQ: 20μA
• 5V and 3.3V Regulators
• 3 Selectable Operating Modes: Constant-Frequency, Burst Mode®Operation and PWM
•  5mm × 5mm QFN and 28-Pin SSOP Packages
LTC3728EG  Applications
• Notebook and Palmtop Computers
• Telecom Systems
• Portable Instruments
• Battery-Operated Digital Devices
• DC Power Distribution Systems
PWM TypCurrent Mode
Number of Outputs2
Frequency - Max590kHz
Duty Cycle99%
Voltage - Supply3.5 V ~ 36 V
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
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