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8-Bit Voltage-Output DACs with Serial Interface
Maxim Integrated


The  MAX512CPD  contain three 8-bit, voltage-output digital-to-analog converters (DAC A, DAC B, and DAC C). Output buffer amplifiers for DACs A and B provide voltage outputs while reducing external component count. The output buffer for DAC A can source or sink 5mA to within 0.5V of VDDor VSS . The buffer for DAC B can source or sink 0.5mA to within 0.5V of VDDor VSS. DAC C is unbuffered, providing a third voltage output with increased accuracy. 


MAX512CPD Features


• Low Power Consumption
  1mA Operating Current
  <1µA Shutdown Current
• Unipolar or Bipolar Outputs
• 5MHz, 3-Wire Serial Interface 
• SPI, QSPI, and Microwire Compatible
• Two Buffered, Bipolar-Output DACs (DACs A/B)
• Independently Programmable Shutdown Mode
• Space-Saving 14-Pin SO/DIP Packages
• Pin and Software Reset
MAX512CPD Applications
• Digital Gain and Offset Adjustment 
• Programmable Attenuators 
• Programmable Current Sources 
• Programmable Voltage Sources 
• RF Digitally Adjustable Bias Circuits VCO Tuning
Settling Time70μs
Voltage Supply SourceDual ±
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 70°C
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